Sasural Simar Ka 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 12th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
The whole bharadwaj family is shocked to hear of viru’s and roli’s marriage. Mataji tells khushi to shut up as they wont listen to nonsense. Mausiji barges in saying that she did the right thing and snubs off khushi saying thta roli cnat do such a thing. But khushi is adamant that what she is saying is the truth. She says that they can see for themselves in the temple. But karuna tells her to stop talking such nonsense. But khushi continues saying that she is saying in the best interest of the family, being a girl herself and wants to stop roli from being destroyed by viru’s hands.

Simar runs to the cupboard in viru’s room and starts rummaging through things to find out, determined that she has to stop this marriage,

by finding the papers. She thinks that he must have kept them somewhere where noone would find them. She goes berserk thinking that she has to find them anyhow.

While everybody is concerned thinking that roli might be in trouble, pari and others are thinking that this must also be a conspiracy by khushi. Mataji says that she cant understand if she should believe her or no. They think that they should stop her. But karuna says that they have no relation with roli whatsoever, and they shouldnt bother what she does in her life, for money’s sake. But mataji says that they have to do this for the sake of their duty if not for belonging, and they should stop roli from doing this. Khushi too says that they should do this for siddharth’s sake for him not knowing anything about this. Prem unable to take it any longer, throws khushi out of the house and tells the family that they have to go to stop roli from doing this. All agree, only mausiji is a bit concerned that it would all to the trouble that is already going on. While everyone leaves, with mataji telling mausiji that she should tell simar on the phone, to come to the temple, mausiji thinks that now everything lies in simar’s hands to stop this blunder from happening.

Simar is frantically searching through things, but in vain. Her eyes see the clock that is about to strike 12 and is scared that the marriage must have started and what should she do now. she says that wont destroy roli’s trust on her and estroy her life, and that she wont let the marriage happen.

Scene 2:
Location: In the temple
Standing at the gates of the temple, roli is worried on not hearing from mausiji or simar, and that what should she do now. Viru gets out of the car and tells her to come out too. Viru goes ahead and roli decides to call, but then stops when viru comes behind and tells her to fasten up since he wants the marriage to be done in the right muhurat. She is thinking of a way to stop him for some time and makes up an excuse saying that they dont have a VARMALA and she wanst every ritual to be done properly with him. Finally viru gives in and goes to get them. She thinsk that simar and mausiji would have to hurry up.

Scene 3:
Location: In the tmple
Roli, while going through with the rituals, thinks the promise that simar had made her, while viru looks at her lost face with confusion. Roli convinces himself that simar would definitely come before the pheras thinking that she has the fullest of faith on simar that she wouldnt let it happen. after that, the priest begins with other enchants before they move on to the pheras. while viru is happy that roli would forever be his, and roli wonders where’s simar.

While the proceedings of the marriage are on, roli thinks of the siddharth’s confession of love and their close moments. the priest ask them to move their hand forward, at which she hesitates first and then complies, resounded by simar’s words. when viru asks if anything’s wrong, she thinks to hrself that he might be happy as much as he wants, since he wont be happy after this for a long time, as simar would definitely come with the papers and stop this marriage. She gives her hand in his and starts the ritual.

Prem arrives with the family and tells the priest to stop the rituals saying that this marriage cant happen since roli is legally still bonded to siddharth as his wife, as they arent divorced yet. Roli os confused to find them there, and viru is disgusted. the priest too agrees saying that he was ignorant of this fact and denies to perform this marriage. But viru asks him to do this and not giev a lecture, and threatens him to perform or else. He curses them too for stopping this marriage as they didnt even wish to see roli’s face, juts for the sake of siddharth, who she doenst even consider her husband. He says that legal issues dont matter to him, as he’s only concerned with marrying roli. He says that noone can stop him from doing that. All are surprised to hear him say that. The Screen freezes on mataji’s shocked face.

Precap: The tie of the knots, slips from the priest’s hand and mataji says that its a bad omen, signifying that even the goddess doesnt give consent to this marriage and that SHE would definitely do something to stop this from happening.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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