Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj says how dare you cook non veg in my house. She says Gopal pick it up and throw it out of the house. And pick it up from table throw everything out with dishes. Anjali says don’t dare touching otherwise.. Saroj says what otherwise? Saroj says throw it out. Anjali says how dare you tai ji. Saroj says how dare you cook non veg in my house. Anajli says my friends wanted to eat so we made it. Whats so big deal? saroj says nothing is big deal for you. I tried telling you with patience every time but you never listened. I was wrong you can never understand. And what kind of girls are you all? No one taught you how to behave when you go to someone’s place. Anjali says talk to me not my friends. Saroj says you listen to anything? you impured my house and kitchen. Anjali

says your house? What is mine here? I made non veg didn’t murder anyone. You need to change your mentality. This is my husband’s house and so is mine and I can do whatever I want here. No one can stop me not even you. Saroj says listen.. before your husband he is my son. A house is house when you respect each other. When you care for each other’s choices. this is my house. If someone doesn’t respect the ethics here I won’t allow that to anyone. Not even you. Anjali says I got it why you are doing this. I insulted you in front of your friends so you seek revenge. Saroj says you mentality is so low. It doesn’t matter anymore to me now. Gopal bring gangajal I will have to clean the whole house. Anjali’s friend says anjali you said your house is under you. Another says its story of every house poor daughter in laws. I never thought this would happen to anjali. She is like a servant here. Anjali says just up and leave. Shanya says anjali calm down. Anjali says just go and take everyone from here. Bopal takes the dish from there. Anjali picks her phone and calls.

Scene 2
Roshni comes home mad. Sumit says what happened roshni? Eat something. Roshni says i just want coffee. sumit says you went to meet Piyush. You are rude to him at times. Roshni says its my mistake all the time. Sumit says relax I didn’t mean that. She drinks the coffee and throws away the mug. Roshni says what kind of coffee is this. Make another one. Servant says sorry. Roshni says I am sick of all this. She goes to her room. Sumit says what is wrong with her? Her behavior has changed. Rita says don’t take stress. She is an adult. She will handle it all. I am here I will help her.

Piyush gets ready. Simar says you started wearing watches in left hand. Piyush says I wasn’t focusing. Simar says you looked worried. you fought with roshni? What is it? You are both elders now. There are things that you won’t want to tell me i won’t force. but keep in mind Sumit and her family stood with us when no one else did. They kept us like a family and Roshni and Rohan are like kids to me. Roshni is immature. But you never hurt her. I will feel bad if I get to know she is hurt because of you. Piyush says I won’t hurt you or Roshni. Simar says I know you are my good boy. Get ready.

Saroj is getting gangajal poured in the house. Vikram asks what happened? Saroj says why you came back early? Anjali says I called him. Vikram says is everything okay?Anjali says I will tell you. Saroj says I will. Something happened here that never happened before. Non veg was cooked in this house. Now tell him anjali. Vikram says what the hell anjali. You know we never cooked non veg in the house. Did you ask anyone? Anjali says I wasn’t here before now I am here. Saroj says so what? Anjali says can’t I cook in my house. If I want to eat something will I place a tent outside? Don’t I have right to cook? Vikrma says sometimes you have right to kill so that justifies murders? Did you think about our ethics. Tai ji has always took care of this family. If you wanna have right, respect her feelings. Anjali says you are being mad at me? She already insulted me in front of my friends. Tao ji says she would have been mad. She wouldn’t want to insult you. Anjali says why am I always wrong? You dont know anything tao ji. Vikram says anjali enough. How dare you say all that to tao ji and tai ji? you cooked chicken. Its your mistake. Accept your mistake. Anjali says okay end this. So if this won’t happen again, arrange it. I want a separate kitchen. Anjali says why are you all looking at me like this? I asked for a separate kitchen so I can cook whatever I want and tai ji can cook what she wants.
Agwal says do you know what you are saying? Separate kitchen means diving the house. Anjali says okay papa you can call it division. Do it please. You all will stay happy and so will I. Vikrma says anjali enough. This is my family. I can’t live without them. Don’tr dare talking about division again ever. Tao ji says calm down Vikram. We will find a solution. Anjali try to understand division is never a solution. Agarwal says Vikram is our only son and I request you never to think about it. Vikrma says why are you giving explanation dad. Its her mistake. Agarwal says no one is wrong. Her thinking is different and that can be adjusted in this house. If we hand her outhouse kitchen. If she wants to cook non veg and enjoy with her friends she can sit there and cook. Saroj says outhouse is part of this house too. How can she do whatever she wants there. Tao ji says sanjev is right. she is our daughter. She also has right. Saroj says I won’t agree for this ever. Tao ji says I will talk to her.
Vikram takes Agarwal in his room.

Precap-Vadhai says to Prem Piyush made this model he kept your liking in his mind. Prem says he is my son after all. Simar says to Piyush it would be so good if vadahi stays in house forever. Piyush says I want something similar. Simar says really? Vikram says what you said was wrong. Anjali cries and says I said all that in anger. Vikram hugs her and says I am sorry. Saroj says why I feel like she wants to distance vikram from all of us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    this is the first time that Vikram has acted wisely. He should have slapped Anjali.

  2. Nidhi

    let dat ANjali die in hell I’m here for Vaidehi and Piyush who else ?? <3

  3. Anjali should be separated from kushi. Then only everything will become good.anjali will seperate everything or she will be separated from Vikram.

  4. hi all. wats up. may be its after 4 months that i read telly updates and i have stopped following these serials. but what i have understood all the simar’s ghost, dayan and nagin have died and entered in anjali. but personally i didnt like thai ji behaviour as i myself am a pure non veg. really u blo*dy and idiot vegetarian u must change ur mentality.


  6. shakti serial is also nice….i hope you all must watch this seeial also

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