Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says I read about Simar’s attack. It can happen to anyone. Mataji says don’t tell her anything about it. And no one will cry in front of her. We have to stay strong. Simar has been our strength. Its our turn now. Sujata says you’re right. Mattaji says lets call a doctor. And Roli you stay with Simar.
Anjali says to doll can you make my mom okay? Devika says yes I can. She says Anjali take me to her. She says okay.

Khushi says to Patali your plan has failed. That idol wont be completed. Patali says you have no idea what I want. She disappears. Simar says what is happening why cant I move. Roli says you will be okay. Patali says God can’t do anything. patlai will regulate all her breaths now.
Devika says what has happened to simar didi.

Khushi told me she can’t move. Can i meet her once. Mataji nods.
Anjali says don’t say anything in front of everyone. Devika says okay i wont. Anjali hides the doll in her frok. She says stay quite. If someone hears you talking mama will be mad. Patali stops anjali and says where are you going? anjali says to meet mama. Khushi says she has to rest. lets go to garden. Khushi says later, I have to do homework.
Khushi wonders what is the mission of patali. She says in heart sorry anjali i cant let you in this patali’s game.

Patali says i think simar has messed with so many witches. It might be the reason. Mataji says do you have a solution. Devika says I know a friend. She is a guru. I think she can tell us the solution. Roli says I dont think.. Mataji says call her. Mataji says i know this all sounds weird. But i can’t see simar this way. We have to give her a chance. Khushi says i will ask her to come.
Khushi says in heart i know this is patali’s plan but I can’t stop her.

Anjali says I can’t take you there. You have to sleep. I will take you to mama tomorrow. Anjali hides the doll and sleeps.
Mataji says its 9. Devika said that sadhvi will come around 8. Pari says i dont think she will come now. Devika gives us false hopes. Someone comes in. its that sadhvi.
Its Patali herself. Khushi is dazed. Mataji welcomes her in. She says my name is gaitri. There is a dark shadow in this house. Sujata says what should we do? She says shanti havaan. Mataji says we will do whatever you want. She says okay get prepared for it.

The havvan starts. Patali does her pooja. She wraps something around coconut. Simar comes running downstairs. Everyone is dazed. Roli hugs simar. Simar says God heard us. MAtaji says we can’t see you in pain. Patali says in heart I did this. You wont have reasons to be happy soon.

Precap-Pari says we didn’t see simar’s waistband. Police says someone has stolen it. Simar says i saw simar in mataji’s room. Mataji asks khushi. She says yes i didn.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Please let the Bhardwarj family get some peace and happiness,especially poor Simar! ❤️

  4. Get some happy moments..pls
    Stop dese evil forces n al,poor simar..shw sme romance,celebratng festivls,topics related to swach bharat nd all. . . Pls change d track..bohot boring hojara,patali ka jaldi khatam karo

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