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Sasural Simar Ka 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem comes and says I knew. How long are you going to conceal her mistakes? Anajli says you talk to me not her. prem says do you even know how to talk. Khushi says prem.. Prem says this is because of you that she is this way. Khushi says why are you blaming me? I want her happiness. If you wanna blame someone blame Simar. prem says I asked you not to take Simar’s name. Mataji comes out and says where is simar? Matjai says where is simar prem? You two went to temple. She stayed for arti? I know Simar is such a good woman. My head hurts when Simar comes back I will ask her to massage my head. When she comes ask her to make me khichri. Ask her to bring parsad. Today is pooja. We can’t do anything without her. Yu and she will do pooja together. Prem says she is dead, she

loves her son. she is dead for us. Mataji slaps her and says shut up. Don’t say that. Simar is okay. She starts crying, her mental condition is not okay. Mataji says look what he is saying. He said simar is dead. Rajhinder this is simar’s family? Rajhinder says yes. Mataji says then she can’t go anywhere. Jhanvi says to amar we have to give her injection again. Rajhinder says Jhanvi take mataji to her room. Mataji says I am okay I will go to room when she comes. Jhanvi says she is in room waiting for you to massage your head. MAtaji says oh lets go. Mataji goes to her room. Prem says in heart this is what happened to my family because of you. I will never forgive you.

Scene 2
Anjali is checking her dresses. Her friends comes. She says please tell me what dress should I wear? Her friend says where is your phone? Anjali says I don’t know where it is. Her friend says wear this one. This color suits you. Anjali recalls simar when she said this red color suits my princess. Anjali says I hate this color because it reminds me of that woman who I hate the most. Her friend says you are talking about your mom? Anjali says she wasn’t my mom. No mom leaves her children like this. I will always hate her. Her friend says leave all that. My problem is bigger, I have to handle my mom and dad both. You just have to handle your dad. Anjali says at least they don’t interfere in your personal life. Her friend says I want their time and care. Like your dad does. Anjali says what really? Dad cares but his thinking and mine are really different. Her friend says you never tried telling him what you want? Anjalu says that I want to become an actress? He will lock me in a room. I want to go to Mumbai but dad. If he could he would get me married by now. Thank God for KB only she understands me.
They hear horn. Shanyaa says he is here. There is a guy on bike. Anjali wakes him. Shanaya says he came here for you? Anjali says he is my ticket to go Mumbai.

Scene 3
Roshni and Piyush are fighting. Roshni says I won again because Piyush is a loser. Piyush says I am not a loser. She is about to fall. Piyush holds her. Rita sees them in anger. She looks at simar. Rita breaks a glass to distract them. Piysuh says can’t you see. You would fall. Are you okay? Roshni says you saved me. Lets go eat parathy. Piyush says good morning to everyone.

Rita says to Simar right? Sumit comes and says what is happening here? Rita says I was just telling her what she has to do today. Sumit says Simar knows it better. Anyway, can we get your magic parathy? Simar says yes sure. Rita says magic right.
They are all having breakfast. Rita says in heart this is right time to talk about Roshni. She says to sumit there is a proposal for Roshni. The guy lives in London. Sumit says where this marriage came from? Roshni says I don’t wanna get married? Rita says you don’t wanna get married or to that guy living in London. Sumit says its not her age. She has a lot to do in life. Rita says before Roshni decides something wrong we should decide for her. Roshni says I have better knowledge than you. I can decide better. Piyush says she has no issues with marriage, that guy should have issues. He laughs. Sumit says Roshni will only get married when she wants. Roshni says thank you papa, you are the best.

A guy says on call I told you about my friend who wants to become actress? Oh him? He is a great actress. He says to Anjali you have a meeting with a great director. Anjali says thank you so much Arjun. She touches his hand. He says if you wanna say thanks you have to come to disco with me. Anjali says okay. Sure. He says I will pick you up at night. He leaves. Her friend says I don’t like this guy. Anjali says chill. Anjali says its just disc.
Anjali comes home. Prem says Anjali say hi to them. They are here for your proposal. Khushi says Anjali get ready. You can talk to Sanjay as well after that. She takes Anjali upstairs.

Simar says why I felt so much for that girl? Why was she so angry.
Anjali says to Khushi what is happening here? Khushi says I tried calling you but your phone was off. Where is your phone? ANjali says I dont know either.
I won’t marry this man I won’t even talk to him. Khushi says just meet him once. Prem wont ask you to meet another guy again. ANjali says how? Khushi says we will do a drama that Prem won’t ever dare asking you to meet another guy. Anjali says really?

Precap-Simar finds Anjali’s phone. She asks kaka to bring charger. Simar calls on her home number, Mataji picks up and says Simar.. My simar.. Simar is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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