Sasural Simar Ka 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini says i give you a chance go catch the pots. She stands in balcony and says catch them simar. Simar recalls sid roli and anjali. Tell me who should be first? First should be sid. She takes out a pot and floats it in the air. Mohini says save him. simar says please stop. Everyone tries to catch amar catches it. SHe says thank God sid is safe. Mohini makes amad trip and the pot slips.

Sid’s pot breaks. Everyone is dazed. Mohini says one of your member has died. Well two people are left. Tell me whom will you save. I think you should save anjali. She has not even seen the world yet. Your beloved daughter. Simar says dont do anything to my daughter. Mohini says sorry. Mohini drops another pot. Simar catches it. Sunanda shoves simar. she trips and the pot breaks

as well. Everyone is taken aback. At least save the last one. It has your sister. Maybe you make her birthday her death day. she throws roli’s pot. Mohini floats it in the air and breaks it. Everyone is shaken. Simar recalls her moments with roli. Mohini says simar i know your pain but you always want to beat me or kill me. You were going to mahakumb so this had to happen. I have released you along with these three. they were a burden on you. Btw they are gone but yes Prem is still alive. You have saved him today but tomorrow. You will be able to save him? I will do the same to him.

Mohini says to sunanda who is helping simar? Who told her about mahakumb? There is someone who knows about it and wanted to send simar there. Well simar is shattered now. she wont go there she but i will. Khushi is overhearing all this. Sunanda says i was so happy to see them cry. You killed three of them. Mohini says those three pots were fake. Sunanda says pots were fake? Mohini says yes. It was a trick to stop her. Now i will go to mahakumb and destroy the secret of my end. Sunanda says you could break the real ones too? Mohini says for next three days i have to keep prem and the pots alive. My powers are related to prem. If the pots are broken prem will die and i will lose my powers. I wont let that happen. Khushi says in heart sid roli and anjali are alive? I have to tell simar. she turns back and breaks a vase. Mohini and sunanda come out of room. Mohini stops khushi. She says what happend? you were listening to us or missing your family members? How about sending you to them. Khushi says no please. Mohini says you know our secret you will be punished.

Precap-Khushi runs to simar. Sankalp says are you okay? She says simar.. she screams. There is blood coming out of her mouth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. star plus 1st position, colors 2nd postion. in colors ssk decreased trp and 2nd position..
    3.ssk,saath nibhana saathiya, swaragini

  2. ssk: simar and her family come to the kumbh mela to break mohini and her mum’s black magic trap.simar comes to the kumbh mela and gets a plan to kill mohini . while kushi tries to inform simar about mohini’s secreat as she hears them,and rushes towards simar,but mohini throws knife injuring her. simar amar and sankalp gets shocked seeing kushi injured. the secreat to kill mohini lies in the mela and now simar knows about it. mohini gets angry and will kill baba after attacking kushi.

  3. omg: mohini to kill simar’s family member; findout who?
    what more can be said about colors ssk(rashmi sharma telifims)? the more we say,the more we get amazed with the creativity introduced in the plot.
    anyway, without wasting time,we will directly get into the upcoming track. readers you must have noticed in the headlinethat an unfortunate incident is about to strike simar’s family soon.
    curious to know who that person will be? have patience readers,we are here at your service only.
    a source shared “in the upcoming days kushi will overhear mohini and her mother’s conversation. and kushi will learn about the trick to kill the witch. to save her family she will try to reach simar to inform about the witch’s secret.
    and this will be followed by a hide and seek sequence where kushi will try to escape from mohini’s clutches.
    and the lady we hear will finally meet simar,but before revealing the truth mohini will stab kushi.
    oh no, so will kushi be dead?
    going by the record of telivision character’s power to defy death,we don’t this such will happen.
    we tried reaching her for a comment, but she is busy for shooting.
    intrested to know about the next twist? we promise we will back soon with more updates.

  4. Will khushi tell all the truth about mnhini to simar?

    1. as far i knew about this by segment kushi tells simar that the pots are fake which mohini broke and all are alive.. in kumbh the secret of death of witches there..simar have to fight with mohini and she have to go mahakumbh and end of mohini by going this to kumbh.. kushi tells simar to go kumbh and she closes her eyes..

  5. guys i saw video unable to post you can see in youtube.” avika and manish reveals their love story” . in this they said this cant happen and age gap and they are friends.. and they are doing photo shoot and shortfilms as friends not more than that.. doing this become paap as the rumors come.. they told you can see video in youtube. and avika nd manish said that they cant give reply to rosidians about return as they also dont no… what ssk writers creatives are upto.. for all viewers asking return of rosid there is no answer to reply them thats why they are not replaying for that question… read article below and watch video in youtube or tellychakkar page.

    1. Yes i too saw that feeling bad as aviman also dont know abt their return..stupid ssk writers

    how many times we have heard that the tale of costars falling in love?
    too many, you must say!!!
    but here is a super exiciting and “twisted” tale of friendship currently in news for being a romantic love story.
    are you wondering who are we talking about?
    it’s none other than rosid, aka roli and siddanth , the popular couplefrom sasural simar ka (rashmi sharma telefilms) avika gor and manish raisinghan.
    the two have one of the best chemistries among tv couples and off scren too.they are true bumchumps. cpable to bring the house down with their camaradeir.we recently chanced upon their fun revealation.
    manish who recently visited office as the guest editorwas fun from the word go.
    from pulling the legs of the reporters to making them blushing with his charm,he definetely lifted everyone’s spirit.
    now when we asked him to interview some of his friends from the industry,manish chooses his ‘best friend’ avika.
    somewhere we were skeptical whether the recent reports about their alleged affair had source their friendship. but what a fun conversation it turned out to be.
    intrestengly manish and avika had no qualms talking fun about their “love story” and had us in splits with their talks.
    to know what they spoke about their ‘love story’ watch this video….

  7. Guys is kushi gng to die?????

  8. really cute video sid so cute their funny speech: love that…… super love story….. love forever rosid …….

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