Sasural Simar Ka 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali keeps calling Raj. She says KB he is not picking up. KB says this would ruin our plan. Anjali says I know. Simar says where is Piyush. she waits outside. Prem looks at her. Simar goes inside. Piyush comes and says ma.. Roshno says choti maa. She hugs Simar. Simar says is Rohan here too? Roshni says he is parking. Piyush says we are more surprised. What are you people doing here? Simar says we came for Garba night. Roshni says we were really missing you. Prem looks at them. Piyush comes and touches Prem’s feet. Prem steps back. Piyush touches his feet. Prem stops his hand. Piyush says not as a father but give me blessings as an elder. I heard father’s blessings are with his son no matter he considers him or not. Piyush says ma go inside we will come later. I am

Rohan are keeping eye on Anjali. You keep an eye on KB.
Anjali keeps calling Raj. She says where the hell is he. She collides with Rohan.. ANjali says can’t you see. Anjali says you what are you doing here? Are you stalking me? Rohan says are you a thief and am I police? And if you stand here on entrance you will collide with people.
Anjali says don’t annoy me I am already irritated. He says I am irritated. My partner ditched me. She says yeah anyone would. Anjali says I am waiting for my partner. He says dream.. He won’t come. Anjali says how do you know? Rohan says the entry is being closed. I have an idea. We both don’t have partners. We can partner up. Anjali says stop dreaming. Rohan says I am not proposing your for marriage. Just saying that for entry. Once I enter you on your way and I on mine. Now decide if you wanna go home or to the garba.

The pooja starts. Simar says do you remember? Prem says why your son came here? Simar says this is Matarani’s place. He doesn’t need your permission its not your house. Prem says better he came here. If he had come home I would.. Simr starts the pooja. Rohan and Anjali come in together. The pooja starts. KB’s men come in. Simar says please help me God. KB sees him. Its savant. Simar gives everyone arti. Jhanvi says lets go garba is about to start. Amar says yeah lets go. KB says to Anjali you go I am coming. And relax. Anjali says its okay.
Khushi says mataji ask Prem and simar to play garba as well. Mataji says please simar and play garba. simar says mataji we are okay. Mataji says consider it my last wish. Simar says what are you saying? Mataji says I want my family to play and be happy.
Prem and simar and everyone play garba. Savant is there too. his face is covered. Simar sees him she says why is his face covered? A stick hit Simar’s head. Prem says simar.. He holds her face. Prem says are you okay? Simar says yeah. Piyush says ma are you okay? Simar says yeah I am fine. Khushi takes Anjali outside. Piyush makes simar sit. Simar says I am fine. Piyush says let me bring you water. Piyush says let be bring ice. I am coming. Simar sees Anjali is not there. Simar stands up.. She says Khushi isn’t here either. There is something wrong. Mataji says what happened? Simar says I am coming. Khushi is taking Anjali out. Simar says go where I asked you to wait. I am coming there with savant. Khushi tells Savant where anjali is. Simar looks everywhere. Simar says where is Anjali? Where should I look for her.

Khushi says to savant everything should be according to plan. Savant says can I fail your plan? Simar says I shouldn’t have let anjali out of my sight. I made a mistake. Please help me God. Simar places candle on her hand. Simar says help me God. This is the test of my motherhood I can’t fail it.

Precap-Khushi says here is your advance. You will get the rest after the work. Everything should go according to plan. Savant says don’t worry. Last time her mother ruined it all, this time you handle her. Khushi says she can’t do anything you just focus on Anjali. Simar overhears it all.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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