Sasural Simar Ka 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 11th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji says to achna that this type of behavior doesn’t suit you. Achna says that i was not wrong this is the first festival of aarav. Pari intrudes and says yes my mom is right. Mata ji says i don’t want a quarrel on this big day in this house. We have to go to the event in evening go and get ready.

Scene 2
Shaureya stops his car outside a building, janvi smiles. He gets out of the car and opens her door. He offers her a hand and asks her can we go? She slips her hand in his. She stops in the mid, and asks where are you bringing me? Shaureya says that i know a girl has to go to her husband’s house after wedding but i don’t want a fight on this day. I wanna make this day special. Janvi says that God has always been miser in relations. I wanted

a love and you have given me this love. Thank you shaureya i waited for this day since so lonbg. He holds her hand closer and kisses it. Shaureya says that this relation will throw all worried away and you will have only one name on your lips onwards. Shaureya singhanya.

Scene 3
Mata ji and whole family arrives at the venue. Everyone welcomes them. Mata ji goes for the arti. Mata ji starts the pooja. Sujata asks roli ato come with her she asks her to call janvi. Roli when calls the hospital she gets to know that janvi is not in hospital. She get startled. Simar asks her why is she worried? Roli tells her that janvi lied again she is not in hospital. Simar says then where has she been since the morning? Sujata comes and asks where is janvi? Mausi ji comes in and says sujata what are you doing here with your daughter in laws. Mausi ji says that she is not a kid she can take care of her. There must be any emergency. Lets go and play dandiya.

Scene 4
Janvi enters a room which is all decorated with roses. Shaureya asks to stay at the door. He comes up with a powder and says that you are starting with a new life lets start this with love. He is throwing flowers on her way when she walks in. He says welcome to the new world. She fells and he holds her.
Janvi says that what will my family says? Shaureya says you won’t says this again else i will says that you don’t trust me.

Scene 5
Everyone is busy in playing danfiya. Sujata is satnding on a side waiting for janvi. She prays for her early come back.

Scene 6
Shaureya gets closer to janvi from the back. He turns her towards him and holds her in his lap. He is heading towards the bed.
On the other hand whole family is enjoying the dance. Mausi ji and achna’s rivalry in ongoing as well. Its just janvi who is missing. Sujata wordily is standing on the door. She says janvi has done too much today. roli says simar that if she gets to know about janvi’s absence at the hospital she won’t be able to bear it. Sujata calls the hospital roli stops her and says that i talked to janvi she said that there is an emergency case in hospital Sujata says what was the need for only her to stay there. Everyone comes and asks them to enjoy the dandiya. they take sujata with them Simar says i am so worried about janvi. i can’t understand where should we look for her.

Scene 7
shaureya comes to janvi on bed. He slips of her jewelery. Song, ‘Bahoon kay darmiyan’ is palying. He kisses her on neck and then forehead and then her neck. They make love.

Precap- When janvi comes in the room after taking bath she can’t find shaureya anywhere. She sees him on the door. She hugs him and says i was worried where were you? Shaureya throws her away and says who are you and what are you doing in my room?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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