Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram squeezes Vadahi’s hand. Vadahi says I am coming. she leaves. Vikram’s dad asks him whats wrong? Next performance is of Pari and shalu. Vikram says to Anajli I am coming in a while. Vikram takes VAdahi to a room. Simar says i want to know how anjali got that bruise. Vikram is going to washroom I guess I should talk to him.
Vikram locks Vadahi in a room. She shoves her on bed. Vadahi says why have you brought me here? Vikram says don’t you get this little thing?
Vikram says you should know what can I do with you. If anything happens you know what will I do. Got it? Simar hears his voice. She comes near the door and knocks it. Vimra opens the door. Vadahi hides behind the door. He says you here? SImar says I was looking for you. Vikram says I went

to washroom. Simar says you were talking to someone? He says I had a call. Simar says I wanted to ask something. Vikram says what? Simar says how Anjali got that bruise. She didn’t tell me. Don’t get me wrong. Vikram says I can understand. I took her without telling I shouldn’t have said that. When we were leaving some thugs tried to catcall her. So we have a fight. she got a little hurt. simar asks are you okay? He says yes yes I am fine. Simar says thanks for taking care of her. Simar says I was so worried for her but she is in right hands. I am not worried anymore. I cane never find someone like you for her. He says I really love anjali. I won’t let anything happen to her Simar says thank you. Lets go everyone must be waiting. Vikram locks Vadahi in the room. She says what should I do. Anjali’s happiness I don’t wanna ruin it.
Khushi says I will announce the next performance. Its anjali and vikram. SImar says where is Anjali? KB says lets see who wins. Team bride or groom.
Anjalis drinking. Shanaya tries to stop her. She says your in laws and vikram all are here. Anjali says I don’t care about all this at all. I am getting married then Vikram will be mine. I will be free from this jail and simar. This is my evening I will do what I want. Shanaya says you wont drink anymore. Anjalu says let me enjoy. Vikram says Anjali and my performance is delayed before that there is another couple. Simar and Prem. Simar and Prem dance on ‘navarai maji’. Prem join her. Prem brings Vikram on the floor as well. Everyone comes there. Anjali comes she is drunk. She says music change. Vikram simar and prem realize she is drunk. KB says oh no.

Anjali and Vikram dance together. vikram realize that Anjali has drunk. SImar and Prem are worried. Vikram handles her. Simar says Vikram is handling it so well. They dance on ‘main warri jawan’. Anjali falls. She says pick me Vikram. Everyone knows she has drunk. Prem and Vikram pick her up. Vikram says you need to rest. she says I am good. These dresses and stages.. Everyone is embarrassed. Vikram asks Jhanvi to take her to room. Prem says actually.. Saroj says we would have been shocked if Simar didn’t tell us about her life style but I never thought she would do his on her sangeet. Vikrma says its not Anjali’s mistake. The pressure of dancing and friends force you. It happens. Agarwal says vikram is right. Tao says yeah forget it. Saroj says gradually she will understand. Prem says I am very sorry for today. Saroj says don’t apologize. Mataji says you have such a good heart. sImar says the food is ready.

Precap-Simar says I am so glad that God chose Vikram for my daughter. Vadahi writes everything on a paper. Khushi sees her and reads that paper.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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