Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says if anything happens to prem I will kill myself here. You have to take care of my husband. Winds start to blow. Mata ji and rest of the family are busy in praying as well. They also feel the wind. Prem is trying to his the box. it cracks and soil start to pour in his box. He tells simar. simar syas please listen to me. The phone is disconnected. simar says please help me God. A cloth flies with wind and falls on the ground. simar sees it. She recalls prem telling here that there is sand in his box, she says prem in under soil. She picks the cloth and says he is here. She starts to dig. she says I wont let anything happen to you./ She please dig it prem is here. Thet are all digging it. Simar sees a box. She says here is it.

Simar says prem.She says take it out.

They dig hurriedly nd take the box out. They are all shocked to see whats inside. Its filled with sand. simar sees prem’s hand and they haul him out. He is fainted. Simar says prem ji please open your eyes. He isn’t opening his eyes. Prem opens his eyes. he coughs. Simar asks roli to brign water. simar says please arrange an ambulance. Simar says everything will be fine. prem says you are here with me. He hugs her. roli gives him water. he hugs her. roli says inform everyone in the house. Simar and prem both are in tears. The song ‘tere liye’ plays in back ground. He caresses her face and kisses her forehead. She hugs him.

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Scene 2
They all come home. mata ji does their arti. Mata ji says stay blessed you both. She is in tears as well. Mata ji asks them to come home. Sujata does their arti. She hugs them both. They enter the house together and meet everyone. Simar hugs pari. pari says I apologize on behalf of surbhi simar. simar says don’t be. Shalu sys she has to ask for. Prem says don’t embarrass us. Simar says we have to forget the past and start anew. Mausi ji says yes we have to delete the bitter past. Mausi ji gives sweets to everyone. Sid holds roli’s hand and takes her with him.
mata ji does the poooja. she says thank you God. mata ji says its the real Diwali today. Prem says this is love of you and whole family that we are together. he says I accepted our separation as my punishment. Virkant says its okay prem what has gone is gone. Now think about future.

Precap-Its simar and prem’s sangeet. Sid and roli dance on song ‘wah wah ram ji’. someone is getting ready to come there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what ever it is just watching the serial for vikranth acting only may be the
    writter had a confusion how to end the serial like prem-simar or vikranth-simar
    so he is doing this cheweng gum

  2. Nice precap

  3. at last come that day

  4. arey wow yaar first perm get kidnap than simar found him.and now simar is going to kidnap and perm will try to find her.wt a story yaar.we r not a fool to watch the same matter again and again.

  5. Plz……..end the show……. again nd again…..sme thg…..

  6. WAHEYY, PREM AND SIMAR ARE TOGETHER! Now let’s see all the obstacles come their way.. *sighs*

    1. Plz end this serial as soon as possible roli prem simar so boring now and storyline is totally dumb now

  7. Can u just finish this serial in peace lyk bani,mrs pammi and na bole tum without dragging some pathetic storyline of turning gud ppo 2 bad

  8. Nice Episode Lekin kahani ko aur lamba mat Karo 🙁 !!!!

  9. Stop repeating the same thing again n again we are fed up of it….. prem n simar were separated for more than 4 months n when they are together again someone goes missing !! Bullshit

  10. Plz end this serial now! High amount of nonsense in this as well as saath Nibhana saathiya.

  11. iam so upset this way.every time any one person missing.what do you express through this serial.please take differant way

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