Sasural Simar Ka 11th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 11th May 2013 Written Update

Prem asks resort manager if he can see CCTV footage. Manager says it’s against their rules. Prem requests him to help and save his brother’s life. Manager now says, I will see what I can do. Prem goes with the manager and sees the footage in which he sees some waiters bringing drunk Sid to her room and Naina paying them. Outside, Simar asks same waiter if he saw Naina. He says no to her, but Prem comes and catches his collar and asks him to say truth. Waiter tells them everything and says he did all that for money. Simar says, Roli, your sid didn’t betray you.

Bhardwajs are ready to leave for the wedding, and right then they get a call from Prem. Prem asks his mother to put phone on the speaker. He tells everyone that Naina is fooling them.. Naina is not pregnant with Sid’s

child because nothing happened during that conference night and we have proof of that. Everyone is shocked. Sid says, until now I always felt guilty.. I used to think I betrayed my family, my Roli.. but my heart never agreed because it’s not true… he goes to Naina and says, you will tell me the truth. He asks her loudly 2 to 3 times, but she doesn’t answer. Instead she asks Prem what she has done to him. I know you and Simar don’t want me to take Roli’s place.. I am not taking her place.. I am just worrying about my child and I want him to get his father’s name. Prem says, exactly… you want someone else’s child to get Sid’s name. He tells everyone how Naina gave money to waiters to bring drunk Sid in her room and put on the bed, and then show everyone as if he spent night with her. Naina says, he’s lying.. I didnt do anything like that. Sid gets angry at Naina and tells her drama is over and asks her to tell the truth. Naina finally confesses that nothing happened between them that night. Sid is happy as he didn’t betray Roli. Other family members also get angry at her. Chachiji says, we were with you because of Sid’s child.. now it’s proven that you’re not pregnant with his child.. so marrying him is too far,, you don’t even deserve to live with us. Naina says what are you saying? I can’t even think about anyone else except Sid. I am pregnant with Sid’s child. Sid says, you just said Prem is right and now again saying you’re pregnant with my child?

Sujata says they will have to do Naina’s DNA test. And if it’s not Sid’s child, then they will file a case against Naina. They are about to call doctor, but Naina says don’t call the doctor. They ask why not? Naina says, because I am not pregnant. Now even Mataji gets angry and slaps her. She tells her you’re not even worth to be called a woman and you wanted to become bahu of Bhardwaj family?

Mataji continues, you betrayed us all.. if I want, I can call police and send you police station.. but I won’t do that.. otherwise what will be the difference between me and you. Naina gets down to her knees and apologizes. She says I will do everything fine. Mataji says, after doing all this, you’re expecting another chance from us? After this.. you won’t have any relationship with our family. Naina asks Sid, mataji to tell Mataji that she is not like this, but all turn away their faces. Naina apologizes everyone and tells Sid that she loves him a lot and wants to spend whole life with him. She says.. you were sad because of Roli’s absence and I couldn’t see you like that.. I thought Roli’s absence would bring you closer to me, but it didn’t happen so I had to lie. Mataji asks her to shut and says you did all that for yourself.. you blamed Sid for such a mistake that we were ashamed of him.. and we doubted on our parvarish. You’re calling this love? It’s not love.. it’s just selfishness.

Prem and Simar are listening everything as call is still on. Sujata now lectures Naina. I supported you, but what you gave me in return? Thanks to Matarani.. she stopped me from doing such a big mistake. Mataji says, we all made mistake.. we all should apologize Sid. Mataji joins hands and asks Sid to forgive everyone, if possible. Sid says, what are you saying? If Naina didn’t lie.. then all these wouldn’t happen. Sujata also joins her hands and apologizes. He runs to her and hugs her. Mataji asks everyone to get ready to go back home. And tells Naina to stay away from her family, otherwise it won’t be good for her. Everyone leaves.. leaving Naina alone in her bride’s dress. The screen freezes on her crying face.

Precap: Bhardwajs return home and can’t open the lock of their house. Veeru comes and says, I came here to tell you all that this Bharadwaj house is no longer yours. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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