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Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kaal(devil) drinks blood, Kaal says i get my powers beck for sometime after drinking blood of human, i have left fear in Simar and that will take me to chandarmani, he plays flute.
Simar is in her room, she looks at herself in mirror and recalls how man cried on his wife’s death, how people said that it seems like no blood is remaining in dead body, Malti comes there and says to Simar that give me my Chandarmani else what happened to that women can happen to your family too like Roli, Anjali etc, Simar says no, Malti vanishes from there, Roli comes there and asks with whom she is talking? Simar says i was tensed about what happened outside, Roli says i was thinking same, even enemy should not get death like this, i never thought anyone can have such difficult death, Simar

recalls Malti’s words, she thinks one side is my friend’s thing which i have to protect to not let it go to evil powers and otherside is protection of my family, end can be anything but i cant put my family at risk.
Malti comes to Mata ji and thinks that i will do such a thing that Simar will give Chandarmani to me herself, she says to Mata ji that time has to tell secret of us to family, lets go, Mata jis starts walking.
All family members are in hall, Anjali and Sanju are playing, Simar thinks that till Malti doesnt Chandarmani, she wont sit quiet, i have to be careful. Mata ji comes there and starts dancing on Ang lagade re sensuously, Simar sends kids away from there, Mata ji dances in vulgar style, all are shocked, Rajendra asks whats all this? Malti says she used to sing and dance from childhood only, she used to like peppy songs, she has odd taste, Rajendra says it doesnt suite her age, Mata ji says now you will tell me what suites me and whats not? she asks Uma to bring colors, she says i will make Rangoli of house this time, Uma leaves being afraid, Malti smirks, Simar notices it and thinks so Malti is behind all this, Simar says to Mata ji that listen to her, Malti says let her sing, life is not guaranteed, it can be taken away at any time so all should fulfifll their desires, Mata ji applies color on herself, she plays with colors, all look on shocked, Mata ji dances around Sid on Ang lagade re, Simar thinks that i wont quit infront of Malti so soon, Simar says you are right, we should not stop her instead we should learn from her, Simar starts dancing with Mata ji, she follows her steps, all look on, Mata ji says enough, she says its enough for today, i am tired, she asks Malti how was it? Malti nods in yes, Simar angrily looks at Malti, Malti gives evil smirk to her, Simar takes Mata ji from there to her room. Malti says mind and body works great by dancing, lady says but she should have shame for family seeing her, Malti thinks this is just start, just see what happens next Simar.
At night, Simar is with kids, they are sleeping, Simar listens music sound, she says again same sound? she opens window to see Mata ji going out of house with candle in her hands, she is stunned. Simar comes out of room, Simar sees Mata ji going out of house at night, she says where is Mata ji going? Matli comes and says she is going to graveyard, she is not conscious and as soon as she will enter graveyard, her soul will leave her body like man’s wife died, if you want to save her life then give me Chandarmani, Simar goes to save Mata ji, Malti looks on.
Simar goes behind Mata ji, she calls out her name and asks her to stop but Mata ji doesnt listen to her and keep walking, Mata ji is going towards graveyard, Simar says thank God Mata ji has not entered graveyard, Simar stops her before she enters graveyard, she says to Mata ji that if you enter graveyard then it will be bad, you cant go inside, she tries to blow off candle but it keeps lighting again, Simar tries to push her away from graveyard but Mata ji keep going towards it, Mata ji pushes away Simar, Simar falls down, Simar says she is not able to listen to me, i have to take her home by force, she tries to stop Mata ji, Simar thinks how Mata ji got this much power? she asks Mata ji to stop but Mata ji keeps moving towards graveyard, Simar pleads her to stop and tries to push her away from it.

PRECAP- Malti says to Simar that i know you can do anything for your family, give me Chandarmani, Simar is about to give chandarmani to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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