Sasural Simar Ka 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Uma says I wish he could have cameras in roshni’s house. It would be so much fun to see piyush being mad at her. Pri says she won’t ever come back here. ROshni comes in. Simar says you came Roshni. Everyone is dazed.
Roshni returns the sari Simar gave her. She says I will never come back here. Simar says what happened? Roshni says Piyush got to know that I come here. Roshni says he told me never to come back here. Ananiya and Pari smirk. Roshni says I am sorry. Simar says don’t be sorry. Simar says don’t be sorry. I won’t force you to come here again.
Pari says you roshni you are so late. There is a lot of work at home to do. Siamr says stop. Roshnju says let me do this ma. I will this day to spend with you. She places that stuff in simar’s


Samir says I don’t get it. Why is Karan behaving this way. He called himself my friend. Anjali comes in and says he is your friend right? He says you called him here? She says you left me with no option. Karan knows everything you have done, right?
You have done greatest fraud with him. He told me how you took all his property. Very bad. Now I will ask karan to take revenge from you.
I am here to help Karan. Now I will expose you in front of everyone. Nice game plan. You know Karan can’t wait to tell everyone. But for now I have kept him on hold. SAmir says you asked him to do all that drama? But why? You want something? That is why you are doing all this. She says I am impressed you get it right. He says but what do you want? She smiles. Anjali says so is it a deal? He shakes hand and says its a deal. Roshni hears this last line. She is dazed. Roshni says anjali hated him till yesterday and now she is talking about some deal? There is something. i have to tell simar ma.

Simar is busy in arrangements. Roshni comes there. Simar syas what happened? Roshni tells her everything. Simar says you might have a misunderstanding. Anjali is trying to change. Roshni says I feel like there is something. Simar says don’t worry.
Sanju comes downstairs with anjali. Anjali is wearing her wedding dress. Anjai says my dress is no ready so i had to wear this.

Scene 2
Pari says simar what are you doing. If roshni puts on mehndi who will do house chores? Sumar says pair chachi is right. I should do those works. Simar comes downstairs. Simar says where are you going? He says I have an important meeting. Don’t worry I will be back soon. Sanju coughs. Anjali gives her water. Mataji says anjali is getting better day by day.
ANjali says mama I forgot today I have to go to temple. I prayed for Samir and sanjuu. Then I have to go to parlor. I will be back before haldi. Simar says come back soon. She is leaving. Sanju says but you didn’t put on mehndi. ANjali says I will. She takes out mehndi from shagun. Simar says this was for the bride only. Anjali says sorry I didn’t know. Sanju says it doesn’t matter. Anjali leaves.

Anjali meets SAmir. Roshni follows anjali and comes to the temple. ANjali is going upstairs. Anjali tells something to pandit ji. pandit ji says something to someone on a call.
Roshni comes back home. She says to simar I want to talk to you. She tells simar everything. Roshni says I feel like she is upto something. Simar says don’t worry. Pari says this roshni is still here. GO your work is done. Simar says wait a minute. You have no right to ask her to leave. Today is my daughter’s wedding and I decide who will be in wedding and who wont be. Till the wedding is over roshni will be here. uma says see mataji simar is going against us for this servant. Mataji says respect is earned. If simr says roshni should be in the wedding you have no right to say no.
Anjali comes home. Simar says see anjali is back. SImar say anjali your hairline is filled.. Why? Everyone is dazed.
Anjali says when the beautician was getting me ready she thought I was married to vikram. Matasji says its okay. Let it be.

Roshni says there is something going on.

Precap-Anjali gets sanju ready. Anajli says in heart I won’t ever let you become daughter of this house. Simar asks arav to bring samir from his room. Arav says samir is not in his room. He isn’t picking up his phone either.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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