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Sasural Simar Ka 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahmaya says Kaal will be born from simar’s womb and will rule the world with his evil and black powers. Simar pretends being asleep.
Mahmaya says because of Simar’s mantra our kaal is weak but this mantra will give him more power. They read the mantra near simar. Simar says in heart please help me God. What are they doing to my child? Take care of my child. Mahmaya says only Simar was born in that moment, only she can give birth to our Kaal. We wont let her go. We won’t give up. Mahmaya says long live Kaal. She laughs. Simar wakes up, she sees prem next to her. Simar is scared. Simar says Prem ji are you okay? He is asleep.
Simar says thank you for showing me this reality God. Simar recalls all the incident that happened lately. She recalls what Mahmaya

Simar walks outside her room. She comes in temple but can’t enter. Simar says I can’t enter your temple but nothing can stop me from praying to you. Why? Why is this happening with me? How can you be so unfair to my child? We thought he is your blessing and he is mirror of devil? Why? She cries. Simar says why my child. Simar sits there crying. Simar says this means mata ji was right. The child in my womb is an eclipse for all of us?

Next morning, Mataji comes to temple for pooja. She sees Simar asleep on the entrance of temple. Mataji wakes her up and says what happened Simar? Simar says you were right? Mataji says about what? Simar says my child is an eclipse. Mataji says don’t think that. We did that pooja. Simar says nothing is right. The child in my womb is shaitan(devil’s). Mataji says what are you saying? Who told you? Simar tells her everything. Simar says she was repeating, Kaal is coming. Their Kaal is in my womb. What will we do now mataji? My child.. She cries. Mataji hugs her and says everything will be all right. God will make it all right. We should talk to Prem. Simar says yes.
Mataji comes in room and says where is Prem? Prem says I am here mom to be. Mataji says you woke up so early? He says I slept well. I saw in dream I was playing with my child. When I woke up, our SA client gave me a contract. This child is so lucky. All thanks to you simar. You have given me such a big happiness. He leaves. Simar says how will we tell him? Mataji says I know what we have to do. Where is your phone? Mataji dials a number and says says its me Mataji.

Doorbell rings. Jhanvi opens the door, its a baba. She asks who are you? He turns back. Jhanvi laughs and says amar? Pari says what are you wearing Amar? They both laugh. Amar says I am tired of this world so I have decided for my inner peace that I will give up on worldly pleasures for a while. Mataji and simar come too. Amar says simar you look so fresh. I brought parsad for all of you. He gives parsad to everyone. Kamiya comes downstairs too.
Amar says Mataji thank God you told me everything on right time. simar don’t worry I will take you to a baba who can give you solution of this problem.

Scene 2
Simar, Amar and Mataji come to a baba ji. Amar introduces Simar and Mataji. He says God has told me everything about this girl and her problem. Simar says I can’t take this anymore. The child in my womb is devil’s. Baba says children are like soft mud, they can be molded the way you want. The witch wants to make her child devil like herself. But if we want we can stop them and take blackness out of this child’s soul. Mataji says what we have to do? He says first we have to remove these witches and make them weak. This can be weak. Once we do this procedure, the witch can never come close to your child. Simar says I will do this for my child. Baba gives her a dagger and says this is not ordinary. Simar says what do I have to do? Baba tells her.

Precap-Precap-Mahmaya says to Simar now if you don’t give birth to our kal you will never have prem. He will live here in our world. Kamiya says prem is now mine. Simar is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank God no sid and prerna scenes.I wish roli should come back to bharadwaj house and everyone should feel guilty especially sid and simar

  2. Hi vaishnavi and vardhini. …I too started hating sid. ..when I watched old episodes. ..I saw sid saying my heart beats for roli and it always beats only for roli….we should live together we should die together. ..seriously cvs ruined sid”s character and rosid true love. ..I mean roli”s true love as there is no more love for roli from sid

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