Sasural Simar Ka 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Thakurain comes out of her car, raju and the other guy are scared. Raju says give us one more chance we will find her. Trust us please. Thrukarin says till when will she hide? I will find her.
Mohini says to sunanda we cant find a better place to hide. She can’t find us here. Sunanda says we have to go from here after completing our work, if she find us she wont leave us.

The haldi ceremony starts, uma says color and odor of turmeric shows the hard work you have done on it. Uma says i hope they bind them together. roli says we will all enjoy together. Pari says i was looking for you both, i wanna show you something. I have to show you amar’s hard work. Someone is keeping an eye on them. Roli places the turmeic and leaves. That woman puts some rose petals in

the turmeric. She dips her finger in it.

mata ji says amar the house looks so good, you have gotten in decorated it very well. Uma says there is a special reason behind it. Amar says what reason? Pari says you know when you work in friend’s wedding you get your own marriage fixed soon, amar laughs. Mohini comes in and says excuse me. Amar says you should have called me, why you came yourself. We know you are new here, we will help you. ROli says let her speak amar. Roli says what were you saying? Mohini says can I have a cylinder and some utensil. I will cook some meal for my mom. Roli says you can have it, but you cant cook. For four days all of the neighborhood will be having meal here. Its my didi and jeju’s wedding. SHe says you people have done so much for us already. Amr says we wont like it if you say no to wedding invitation. Mohini says okay i will come. Uma says i will send you tea and breakfast. But you have jin us in haldi. She says okay and leaves. When mohin goes out she sees Thakurain’s men. The tries to hide her face and go but they stop her. Raju says we ran so much after you, where will you go now? Sunanda is worried why is still not back. she goes out to see where mohini is. she sees mohini standing in front of those men. Mohini sees spices and puts them in their eyes, she starts running, they chase her. Simar comes in balcony and sees mohini running, and then men chasing her. she says who are they and why are they running after her. There is something wrong.

mohini goes running to the market. She hides behind and hawk. Raju and the other guy look for her. The see her and start chasing again. Mohini is tired. She hides behind a stall. Amar sees her and asks her to sit down. He goes to raju and says are you looking for a girl? They show amar he picture. amar says yes i have seen her she has gone to the dhaba. They say where is dhaba? He gives them a direction.

Khushi says mata ji we shouldn’t rent this house. uma says she right. Sujata says mata ji we should reconsider i think. Sunanda says we are already in trouble why would we harm someone. Simar says what you mean? She says i will tell you when my daughter is back. Mata ji says don’t worry we will be with you and khushi we can’t decide before knowing the entire thing. mohini comes saying maa.. Amar is by her side. She hugs sunanda. Simar says you are safe here. Roli says tell us the truth, don’t be scared. Sunanda says we are from a village my husband was a police officer, he was murdered a month ago. A woman from our village killed him. Everyone is dazed. Sunanda says she is a witch, she kills young kids to increase her powers. My husband was investigating against her. He arrested her but she ran away. she put her gaze on my husband, when a witch sees someone like that they lose their lives. I and my daughter are the witness. SImar holds her hand to console her, she says why are you cold? like you have no blood flow. Khushi touches her and says witches are this cold.

Precap-Sid gives rose to anjali and says give it to mama and says papa has sent it. Anjali gives her rose and says papa have it mama. Simar smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. is thakurayan is the new vamp?/? then what is the use of her which mohini and her mother they also vamp only na… aaj khushi thoda akal se kaam kiya and tells that they should notrent the house to them and she said for dayan’s the hands and they are have cool body good… bechara amar dont no mohini is dayan. and kunickka entry is good. but sad hi ki no rosid scene today….

  3. i think she is avika’s duplicate.. by seeing sides easily it shows that she is not avika and in onlocation haldi function mai avika nahi hai… want to see avika in her place not duplicate one. and i hope there is dance between rosid in marriage function,.. fingers crossed for rosid and want avika in screen space and give rosid scences please.

  4. Ya bechara Amar dnt know wat he will do wen he comes to know she is dayan……and even i hav doubt y tis witches are scared of thakuryan?????

  5. I think in future episode…amar would be blind in love with mohini…..and will not listen simar and roli wen they say she is Dayan…….

  6. 2day also no rosid scenes so sad…

  7. Ya vaishnavi….no rosid scene…..
    guys i heard new show named safaid is gng to come in colors do u knw which show is gng to air off?????

  8. no rosid scenes:-( missing avika

  9. colors tv was showing one new promo “nagin”.which show is replacing?????

    1. I think ss.. Coz in wiki last date of ss is 31st July

  10. Shabbu ss sasthri sisters kya????

  11. now who wxactly is d witch???????????
    mohini’s mom / thakurain??????????????

    1. May be both!!!

  12. S akshu ss is shastri sisters!!

  13. Prem simar scene no why

  14. What nonsense ajkal ke jamane yeh dayan , naagin kaha hai jo yeh writters ssk mei dikha rhe hain seriously high pressure drama boring serial day by days abhi toh itni muskil khatam hui hai ab phir se chalo

  15. in one on location interview manish said choti balikavadhu aka roli is busy in hyderbad barely she is in hyderabad only.. barely she is working 4-5 days with them. and they are missing her manish said..
    but friends is avika doing started any other 4th film ah??? because her 3rd movie also completed shooting and audio release happends… then why she is not shooting ssk shoot exactly??? is she busy in any other films please can anyone tel me what are her upcoming projects?
    by seeing duplicate in avika place also getting bored because cvs only changed her face not hair.. by seeing today episode its clearly showing dat its avika duplicate.. please want avika only and why she is not showing intrest in ssk as in this she is also lead only but what is this she is not giving days to ssk? is she doing any other projects?

  16. Ya u right sandhya me 2 miss avika…pls dnt shw avika’s duplicate…

  17. hiiii one way u r right but in AP.they r thinking soo badly abt avika.because she is giving more importance to serial than movie. she have to choose any 1 of these.but she is managing both.(like 1 week serial and 1 week movies).thats why avika’s character is decreasing in ssk.for that reason she has left soo many movies.she is very popular in AP.because of her serial balikavadhu(choti anandi)…

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