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Sasural Simar Ka 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Sid is coming downstairs. He says let me go to hospital before someone sees me and I will say I brought roli back. Mata ji stops him and asks where are you going ? He says I am going to bring roli. SHe must be done with her tests. Khushi hears and wonders she is done so soon ? how is that possible. Mata ji says, go I hope everything is fine with her.

roli calls simar and tells her that the doctors at the hospital take out organs from patients body. Sunnaina must have found that out so they killed her. Simar is shocked to hear that. Roli says I am sure that some senior doctor at navjevan hospital is doing all this. This all is happening under his nose. Simar is shocked to hear the name. she says that hospital belongs to vikran’s brother karthik. roli says so this means karthik

is involved in all this. Simar says that’s not possible he is such a nice man. No other doctor can do this without his permission. We have to solve this. Simar says how will we don this. roli says I don’t know that. Simar recalls vikran saying sunnaina was my life but he had no photo of her. And when karthik was talking on call and left to dehli. Simar wonders are karthik are vikran behind all this. Roli says these people are so dangerous. I don’t know how to stop them. simar says a man can escape anything but not his consequences. They have killed people. sunnaina will get them to the punishment. We will make such circumstances that will make them acknowledge their sins. Roli says how will we plan something. We can’t even call each other much. simar says from now I will only call you. roli says I think we should meet. Simar says I can’t come to dehli. Vikran will doubt me if I go there. He knows my family is there. roli says you can’t come here but I can come to Ahmedabad. Simar says yeah that’s right. simar says okay I will call karthik some how. Roli says we will keep an eye on him.

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Scene 2
Khushi sees sid coming in alone. She hides behind a pillar. Sid sneaks to the sofa. khushi wonders why is he alone when he went to bring roli back. Mausi ji and mata ji come there. They are discussing inflation. Khushi asks sid where is roli ? Sujata asks yeah where is she ? Sid says she in her room. Khushi says I saw you were coming in alone when did she come ? Roli comes downstairs and says whats wrong with you khushi ? Mata ji aks roli how are you now ? Roli says I am better. doctor said I just need rest. Prem and surbhi come too. Mata ji says pandit ji called. He has found a date for wedding, its after one month. Sid says oh wow the countdown has started. everyone congratulates surbhi. Khushi says how will we prepapre in one month. Roli says she is right. I heard there is a good market in Ahmedabad. its a sale there this month how about shopping from there ? mausi ji says that’s a good idea. Roli says so I will go there and buy all the stuff. Sujata says but how can you go you are not well. roli says donm’t worry about me.sid asks who will take care of Anjali ? khushi wonders why she wanna go there so bad ? Khushi says anyone can handle Anjali here. She will be here with jhanvi and nirvana. Sujata says yeah she is well with jhanvi. Mata ji says take surbhi with you as well. its her wedding. khushi says can I go as well. I will help them out. mausi ji says who will look after pratham? Khushi says he is with karuna. mata ji says she is right its better if all of the three go there. mata ji asks sid to make arrangements for them. he says okay I will. Roli says after so long simar didi will be abck to home.

Scene 3
Simar ponders over all that roli said. She says in heart I have to get karthik here anyway. Vikran says naa why don’t you leave karthik. He will get married when he wants. Baa says this my last wish. She says sunnaina help me out and find a girl like you for karthik. SHe shows her the photos. Simar brings out some photos. Simar says in heart its the best way to get karthik back to home. she says baa yes I think karthik should get married as soon as possible. He will like one of these girls. baa says you made me happy I will call and ask him to come. Vikran says he must be busy in work. He just left yesterday. baa says don’t you interfere. He has to come. Simar wonders why doesn’t he want to call him. I guess he knows what happened there last night.
He calls karthik. Baa takes the phone and says you have to come today. He says okay baba. Simar wonders how can he come.
Baa says sunnaina karthik is coming make arrangements we have to meet all the families. Simar takes her to the room.
Vikran says what is all this ? Do you really want karthik to get married ? simar says yes for baa. I know I just came here for sanjina but baa considers me her daughter. I will take all the responsibilities of sunnaina. sanjina must be happy to know that he is coming. Vikran says I have an important case I will be late take care of baa. He leaves.
Siamr says till now I have been doing all the duties of sunnaina but now the most significant responsibility is to find the truth of sunnaina’s death and get her justice.

Precap- Roli, khushi and surbhi reach Ahmedabad. Roli says in heart didi your sister is here and I will bring you back. Karthiik is also on the same airport.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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