Sasural Simar Ka 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali sees Saroj drinking from the same bottle as Roshni. Anjali comes to saroj and says I drank from it. Don’t drink I have an allergy. you drink from this other bottle. Mataji says Piyush will win because Vadahi is with him. Roshni tries to cut Vadahi’s kite. The kite falls down, its Roshni’s. Piyush looks at Vadhai and smile. Everyone congratulates them. Roshni gets mad. Piyush says first time you played and defeated everyone. Vadahi says you taught me. Mataji says Piyush and Vadahi are the winners.
Amar calls Piyush. Prem says what are you thinkging?
Vadhai says Roshni you played very well. Roshni says you played the real game. You cut my kite from Piyush’s heart. Vadahi is dazed. Roshni says I think you know how to play and gets rich guys.

Vadhai says what rubbish is this. Roshni says what you have been doing is rubbish. says are you drunk? Roshni says yes I am so what? She shoves Vadahi. Everyone is dazed. roshni says I drank because of you. Vadahi says you are not in your senses. Roshni says where are you going? Mataji asks all the guests to go downstairs. Roshni says you are a liar. Roshni slaos and shoves Vadahi. Roshni says I have never seen someone more shameless than you. You snatched Piyush from me. He is my childhood love. Mataji says are you in your senses? Roshni says this is my matter with this girl. Mataji says we won’t tolerate this with Vadhai. Roshni says this is how you behave with girls like these. Piyush slaps Vadhai. Piyush says I won’t tolerate a word against her now. Simar says what is this Piyush you slapped a girl. Mataji says apologize Vadahi right now. Roshni says there is no point of apology. You have changed Piyush. because of her this you slapped me why? Piyush says because she is my life. I love her. I don’t lovee you. Did you hear that? I didn’t want you to know this way but this is right Vadahi. I love you. When you go away from me my like is incomplete and when you are close I want time to be still. When you smile my heart wants to dance. You make me realize you are made for me and I am made for you. When I see you with my parents I feel like its my whole family. You are my reason to live and I really love you. i love you. I now know you are the girl I want to spend my whole life with. I can do anything for you. Vadahi looks at everyone and then at Roshni. She runs from there. Piyush goes after her.
Roshni is about to fall. Simar holds her. Roshni shoves her and says leave me. She goes from there.

Scene 2
Piyush comes to Vadahi I am sorry I didn’t want it to happen this way. I prepared so much. I wanted to talk to you in person so you have no pressure. Come with me? She says where? Piyush says do you trust me? She holds his hand.
Roshni comes to her room crying. She recalls her moments with Piyush. She recalls Piyush slapping her and saying I don’t love you. Roshni says you slapped me because of her? SHe slaps herself. Simar comes in and hugs her. Roshni says I misbehaved with you. but did you see what piyush did with me. What was my mistake? I really loved him. Simar says please calm down. I can understand your emotions and I can’t answer your emotions but love isn’t in anyone’s capability. Roshni says why is this happenin
g with me? Simar says when you love someone you don’t love with condition to be with you. You set him free. If its in your fate you get to be with them otherwise you don’t. I know its very difficult for you right now but trust me I am here for you. I will stay with you like before. Piyush has found love of his life but that doesn’t mean your value as a friend in his life has ended? You are his best friend today as well. he will always stand by with you. I will make you milkshake. You change, when I come back I don’t want these tears.

Roshni is breaking stuff in her room. Anjali comes and says stop Roshni. What are you doing? Roshni is crying. Roshni says no one understands my feelings. Anjali says I can. My own mom can’t care for my feelings why would she care for yours? Now you realize how right I was. Simar didn’t even stop piyush while slapping you. Don’t let that Vadadhi take Piyush. I can see how these son and mom forgot your family’s favors. You parents were there when no one was. Now they don’t need you so they kicked you out. Her buzzer rings. ANjali says I will go and you take care. don’t cry and don’t give up.
Roshni says I won’t let that Vadhai have you Piyush.

Precap-Anjali says to sanjev you wanna go out and I have to drag this wheelchair. Do you know how much it hurts me. shanaya calls her. she leaves the wheelchair and sanjev is going towards stairs. Anajli runs towards him but sanjev falls.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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