Sasural Simar Ka 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The trishun in hanging on Mata ji. Simar is about to stab Prem. Someone throws sindur at her. She screams. Its devika. Devika keeps on putting sindur on her.
Sima says i wont leave you. The trishun disappears as well. Simar says stop there.
Devika puts all the sindur on simar. Simar faints. Mata ji helps prem in standing up.
Patali comes out of simar as a yellow liquid.

Khushi says I should tell devika that these people will take a little time to come home.
Mata ji dresses prem’s wounds. Mata ji says are you okay prem? He says yes i am fine. simar is lying next to him fainted. Mata ji says devika thank God you came on time. I dont know how to thank you. Devika says you people have owned me.
prem says simar open your eyes. Mata ji says

control yourself prem. Prem says will you people tell me what is all this happening? Khushi comes in and sees prem and simar? She says oh my God. Devika says everything is fine now khushi. Khushi says family will take time to come. Prem says i want to know what truth is. Mata ji says let me tell you. We have been decieved. She tells him everything. devika says she can come here any time and she will have to captivate simar again. Prem you have to go from here. Prem says i wont leave simar alone here. I will face that patali and would ask her to take my life but leave simar. Prem says siamr please open your eyes. Mata ji says she will be okay don’t worry. Devika says i know your pain but you can’t do anything by staying here. Everything will be ruined, you have to go from here. Mata ji says take care of prem simar. I am coming in a while. Mata ji asks devika to come with her.

Devika asks mata ji what it is? Mata ji says you are not a normal human? Its about time you should tell me who you are. You called me mata ji, gave me rights of a mother. I deserve to know who you are. You have to tell the truth today. Where have you come from? who are you? Devika says truth is that i am not devika. Mata ji says then who you are? Devika says patali devi.
Devika its about time when patal lok was a good and well civilized place. The peace there was temporary. The people to patal started being greedy. Everything started to dismantle.
She recalls woman saying jai patali devi. Devika was patali devi. Patali says gaitri was my greatest follower. I was so happy with her that I offered her to fulfill one of her wishes. She asked me for all the powers. She wanted to rule patal lok.
I had to keep my word, I gave her all my powers. People were dying her under her rule and she became evil. I couldn’t help my people. But I raised a voice. She threw me out of patal lok. She has been reigning over patal lok over 1000 years. One day she got to know if she sacrifices her husband it will multiply her powers. she did that and since that day she became so powerful and patali lok was darkened forever. Khushi says so this is why she wants simar to kill prem? So simar becomes evil like her? Devika nods. Mata ji says but what has simar done? Why is she after simar. Devika says because simar is a very strong follower of God and if gaitri makes simar her follower, it will be her triumph. she wants to rule the world. Simar’s soul is so pure that it has been stopping gaitri. Mata ji says far away from your people you are facing all this for us? Devika says i only care about simar and prem. We have to save her form gaitri.
Mata ji says is there any solution to save simar? Devika says yes there is. Mata ji says we will do anything to save her. Tell us what it is. Devika tells them.

Precap-Prem says ask me for my life but i am not ready for this. Mata ji says if there was another way to bring simar back would have i asked you to do this? We dont have much time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow great episode

  2. stupid story…..kya in logo kp shadi maajak ban gayi hi kyA!!!
    trak iss tarh hi ki…
    ek se shadi karo ..aur vuss ko divore dedo aur dusare se karo…fir uss doosare ko bhi chodo ..aur firr se pehle vale se patch up ho jao.. .
    bull shit iss gng on…
    better 2 stop tis nonsense story….

  3. Every audience of ssk tells pls give scenes for rosid but d directors won’t do tat from nowonwards i am going to stop watching ssk

  4. yeh sab kya epsode he simar ka problem kabhi katam nhi hoga

  5. Wow….. Wat a thing ……
    Patalidevi has less power than her follower….. Then y she says herself as Devi.. But still more interesting

  6. Prem has married Devika and left Simar. Prem says that he is leaving Simar and doing Tyaag. He puts garland on her photo shocking her. He says I will marry Devika. Simar asks why you are punishing so big and falls on his feet. Prem says there is a big reason behind his decision and Mata ji is backing Prem in his decision. He does her Shradd. Prem fills Devika’s maang. Mataji stops Simar from stopping the marriage as she breaks the things. Prem wants to fool Paatali Devi and that’s why married Devikaa inorder to save Simar’s life. He doesn’t know that Devika is Paatali Devi and he is getting trapped in her trap more. Prem wants Paatali Devi to free Simar and wants her to be safe. Prem and Simar will be together soon.

  7. I will also stop watching ssk…. do u all think audience as fool?….

  8. O my god great twist Devika Devi is real patali Devi…….plz show rosid scenes…..or at least plz show them….

  9. I think this serial is for kids now with nagin,daayan n devils becoming the central focus of the plot .

  10. Ab prem aur devika shadi hogi….phr simar(patali) aag k kuwen me girne ka natak karegi.akhir me roli he simar ko patali k saye c bacha legi…

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