Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says thank God you helped me. I have to go back to my house. She goes out of the temple. roli starts running towards her house, suddenly she sees fake roli in front if her. roli is scared.

simar says yes she is the one who killed daksha baa and leela because they knew her reality. She can hypnotize anyone, she did magic on roli to manipulate her memory. SId says she saved your life twice. She risked her life for you. she would created problems for us if she was some evil. she has never harmed anyone, never did any wrong. She has been ill-treated so many times, simar says she has so many powers, she can prove herself to be roli. sid says what powers are you talking about?

Roli says your powers wont work in front of powers of God. I have my memory back. that

family is mine, sid is my husband. Fake roli says sid is my everything. He is my love, roli says feel ashamed to be called wife of someone else. this is too much. Stay away from my family and my husband. fake roli says i did all this for them. you dont know my pain and my efforts i did for sid. i doesn’t matter to me. roli says you have killed innocent people. there is limit for everyone. she says for me no limits do apply. i did so much to get sid. No one can take him from me. She starts moving towards roli.

Simar says try to understand me, prem says what are you saying. stop it. we all know sid was with him all the time, whats wrong with you. you are questioning her identity. Inspector call ambulance she needs some help. sujata says stop it simar. pari says please accept i you have hit her mistakenly we know you can never hurt roli. Dont accuse it. Mata ji says stop it. simar is right. i have seen her myself. everyone is dazed. she is not our roli. she has all those powers. because of her roli is far away from us. say that i am lying as well. mata ji says don’t worry simar i am with you. simar bursts into tears. mata ji takes her to her room. sid says mata ji.. simar said roli about roli, did you hear it yourself? mata ji says yes sid. Everyone is dazed. i saw and listened to her, i know its hard to believe. i took time to know the truth, i don’t knw the exact reality. SImar never told me her complete secret. she has suffered a lot, simar says i was not in condition to tell anyone anthing, she said she will kill roli.she is so powerful. cop comes in and says the photos are correct.

prem says inspector please wait she might come, inspector says simar might have hit her deliberately. we just have to arrest her anyway. mata ji says she is innocent. inspector says we have proofs, we cant help it. simar says mata ji don’t worry. i did all this for my family. i am not worried at all. everyone goes to their rooms, fake roli comes in. mata ji and simar are shocked.

Precap-rajhinder says this is some misunderstanding. Fake roli says jhumki has hypnotized you and simar with vashnavi. if you don’t trust then come to mata ji, there is some magical stuff there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ohoo prem u never understand simar uff …. husband should understand problems but u never…

    1. yeah!!!!!
      u r correct ,he never understands simar

  2. update it !!!!!!!!!

    1. hai dis z Sony are fan of sasural simar

  3. Prem again and again u proved u r not fit for simar

  4. 8.15….bah 🙁

  5. huh
    update fast

  6. Ohh y again and again dragging the story with new dram it’s boring then they will pull the story that simar and mataji were wrong all will belive fake roli what a stupid storyline. she uses jhumki name It means they will again brought the real jhumki into the drama again na. I am fed up with the storyline.

  7. hw mny tyms dey kill our simar ya… I’m fed up with all dis

  8. Im tired of this dram

  9. What d hell is happening in dis show? When evry1 will get to know fake roli’s real identity?? N dis prem na.. He nevr try to undrstnd his wife. He is not good for her, huh… They all know that simar nevr lied, then y they not trust her??

  10. pata nhi or kitne khel khelagi ye icchadhari naagin ………………..sid bhi pgl hogaya hai

  11. Its was stupid even sid can’t able to find his real roli. You are taking this story this much long. Why don’t you stop it by saying truth to sid and his family

  12. What did do the fake roli with the real roli? Aakhir kab khatm hoga ye naagin ka kissa?

  13. where is roli?

  14. Uffo…i think if the fake roli plays such n such drama by hypnotising everyone then she can become even president of India…why dragging so much

  15. They are trying to drag it till maha sivarathri..:(

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