Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
The kidnapper tries to bind Sonia with ropes. She says you don’t know who i am. She binds her with the chair.
The wedding is on going. Verma aunty says eat something bride. She says why these people talk a lot. I should talk to the driver and ask where is sonia right now. She says I wanna check my dress. Can I go to the room up stairs. Pari says let me come with you. The masqueraded bride calls the driver but he is not attending the call.Sonia wonders how to get out of this detention. The driver is out to get the lunch. Sonia tries to reach the phone.
Simar and Pari comes in the room and says you have been called to the mandap.
Sonia is trying hard to reach the phone. The groom’s sisters is being called to tie the knot. Jhanvi ties the knot.

Pandit ji says call the parents of the bride to do the kaniya daan. Rajhinder says we will do that. The bride says I don’t know how to thank you people. Sujata says what’s that thanks for ? Aren’t you like our daughter.

Scene 2
Pandit ji asks them both to stand up for the wedding. The ‘pheray’ start. Sonia has got the phone. She tries to recall the number of Sid but she doesn’t know his number. Nit even of Roli and Simar. She tries to recalls the land line she used to call on when the family was captive. She calls on the phone but no one is receiving the call. The 5th phera has started. Verma ji hears the ring on the phone. SHe wonder should she receive or not. She says speak louder. Sonia says stop this wedding she is not sonia she is a masqueraded bride. The bride and groom start the 7th phera when Verma aunty says stop it. Stop this wedding. Mata ji says what are you saying ? She says this is not sonia. There is someone else behind this dress. Roli says what happened ? Verma aunty says someone called and said that she isn’t sonia. Karuna says someone must be joking ? Verma aunty says its about your life. Mata ji says take off the ghonghat sonia I know this is wrong but still. Sonia says I can’t take it off. Simar says I beg you please take off the ghonghat. Everyone is wondering what’s happening. She takes of the ghonghat.

Scene 3
Sonia says to the driver do whatever you can I have told there that she is a fake bride. She isn’t real. I have informed there. They won’t leave you.
The bride takes off her ghonghat its the bride with face of sonia. Verma aunty says how is this possible the girl i talked to had same voice as of sonia. Mausi ji says are you happy now ? What you got by spoiling the wedding. Verma aunty wonders who was on the phone. Mausi ji says there is only one sonia. She is not a double case that one is here and other is calling you.m Verma aunty says sorry maybe someone joked with me. After that Meghna’s case anything can happen with you. Verma aunty says sorry Sonia. Sonia says no this isn’t your fault. This must be a conspiracy of my relatives. The seventh phera starts. Sankalp makes her wear the mangal sutar(wedding locket) and filled her hear line with sindur. Pandit ji says this wedding is done now you are husband and wife.

Scene 4
The bride calls driver and says how sonia got the phone ? He says she is here with me.She says the wedding is done. He tells sonia that the wedding has been done. and laughs.

Precap- The fake sonia says what can they do, they think Sankalp has got a good loyal girl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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