Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2013 Written Update

Veeru says i give my whole property to my roli. Roli takes the papers and reads them. Masi and simar watching everything and roli looks at them and smiles. Veeru takes the papers and says i will keep them safe and give it to you as a gift on our suhaag raat. everyone shocked. Roli says BUT!! and veeru says no buts. u wanted me to name the property in ur name and i u have to do what i tell u too. u sit in the car and i will put the papers away.

Simar and masi hide and go to roli. Roli says what are we going to do. those papers are valid. and masi says clam down there has to be a way. and simar says look papers are in the house so me and masi will find the papers and stop the wedding. Take veeru away from here. and we will find the papers

and come to u. and roli says NO…if u come there late i will end up getting married. and simar is trying to convience roli…and ROLI says no…and simar says take veeru away from here…and we will reach u in time. U have done a lot for this family but this time if u back out all will be a waste. Dont be scared. they hear veeru coming and all look and roli runs and sits in the car and masi and simar hide and veeru comes to roli. simar and masi watching. Veeru says 12 clock is mahurat and its 10 already…roli saying to simar…reach on time didi..and she keeps looking at simar and simar nods her head and reassures her. the car pulls away.

masi and simar run to the bedroom and look for papers.. masi is on look out for the family and simar goes to search for papers. and masi prays to god for roli. Car is on its way to the temple..and roli praying to god from within. hopeing simar will find the papers and reach on time.

sid thinking how can i betray roli. i cant believe.

Veeru says i cant believe we are marrying…we will be husband and wife…and the car stops and driver says why did u stop. and khushi stopped the car. and she says veeru if u want to marry roli u have to go on my body and she lays on the ground and roli happy. Veeru gets out of the car. roli watching. veeru goes to khushi and says what drama is this..? i insulted u so much and u r still after me. and khushi says say whatever but if u want to marry her u need to go over my body. Roli praying and thanking god that khushi is in middle of the road.

simar is looking for papers in veeru’s bedroom.

Veeru is telling khushi this marriage will take place and NO ONE AND NO ONE can stop it. I m explainging to u nicely so get out of the way. Khushi thinking what is veeru thinking about. Veeru calls the driver…and roli thinking why did veeru call the driver. and veeru says pick up this dirty thing and throw it away. Khushi thinking this driver is coming towards me…what shall i do.?

Khushi gets up and starts to run and picks up a stone and says i will throw a stone at u and the driver runs away. then khushi looks at veeru. roli is praying to god to keep on stalling them. and veeru says keep on stalling me..but i will marry her. Veeru says roli sit in the car. khuhsi says STOP VEERU!! this roli will destroy u…she is doing drama. veeru says BUT I LOVE HER>> I LOVE ROLI…and NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM BEING ONE WITH ROLI TODAY> NOT EVEN U. they sit in the car and veeru starts the car and drives towards khushi…and roli says khuhsi will come inside car…and just in time khuhsi moves away…and veeru says i know khuhsi well…she wont give up her life for anyone.

khuhshi says now u watch what i do to u.

roli says drive slowly i m scared. and veeru says we have to get to temple and get married. roli saying didi get there on time.

simar looking for papers but unable to find them and its 11 clock. masi in living room and wondering why simar is taking so long. what if she doesnt find papers. and prays to god again.

masi thinking thank god no one is looking for simar …just then anjali is crying in prem’s hand. and prem complains she has been crying for long. and they wonder if she is hungry. and all start looking for simar…and masi is thinking what shall i do. and masi says i sent simar out…she should be coming. mataji tells her off as anjali is crying now…and masi takes anjali and starts playing with her. and anjali stops crying.

Just then khuhsi comes…saying open the door we have to stop the wedding. OPEN THE DOOR> mataji wondering why is khushi here and whose wedding is she talking about. and masi thinks if she tells everyone it will be trouble … i have to stop her. all thinking khuhsi here again to get in the house with a new drama. masi seconds that.. khushi manages to open the window and come in but prem stops her. khushi stops. she says i know u wont believe me but pls stop roli and veeru wedding and all shocked!!!

pre-cap — roli veeru at temple…and prem says STOP panditji…this wedding cant take place…as roli is still sid’s wife. their divorce has not been finalized. roli is kinda happy

Update Credit to: kasrana

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