Sasural Simar Ka 11th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram says there is some tension between you and anjali. Is it because of what happened at the wedding? Are you pouring your anger on anjali? Saroj says what are you saying.. I am not mad about the wedding. I want her to understand her responsibilities. Vikram says no one is perfect. Difference is just between your and her thoughts. She realizes her mistakes and wants to adjust but it should be both sided. You have to change a little. Everyone is dazed. Tao ji says what are you saying. Saroj says wait a minute. Saroj says you think I am strict with anjali? Now I will speak and you will listen. Anjali I am not mad at you. I am mad at you Vikram. you don’t know me? What I ever did was for this family and I will do what you ask for everyone’s happiness. Vikram says thank

you tai ji you are the best. All I want is us to live happily. Saroj says I want the same. Anjalu says in heart she is so clever. Sanjev says this is why they say that dialogues is the best thing. Tao ji says lets have breakfast now. Anjalu says vikram we had to go out for breakfast? Vikram says oh yes. can we go dad? Agarwal says sure. have fun. Anjali says to saroj can we hug now? Saroj hugs her. Anjali whispers now you know only a mother owns her son before marriage. Sarj is dazed. Anjali says bye papa bye tao ji. They say have fun.

Anjali tells it to KB on call. KB says wow doll I am so proud of you. You showed her worth to her. Anjali says I would have been happier if she had been irritated. but vikram took my side. KB says keep following me. Your life will be happy. Anjali says that simar will know.
Simar calls Saroj and asks if anjali did anything wrong. Simar says she will learn soon. SAroj says yes. SAroj says I have to go somewhere I will talk to you later. Simar says there is something wrong. Why did she hang up abruptly.

Simar gives vadahi her milk shake and Piyus tea. Piyush says you drink tea because you have flu. I will drink the shake. Roshni comes and says my coffee choti ma? Simar says roshni you? What you want? She says coffee. Piyush says now you are here help us. We have to finalize some designs. ROshni sits with them.
Anjali has invited her friends and they dance. Saroj says what is happening Anjali? Anjali says we are partying. I asked vikram’s permission. Saroj says this is your house too enjoy. she says are they alchol? Anjali says no who drinks in daylight you can test it if you want. Saroj says no no carry on.
Anjali’s friends dance an drink. Saroj gives agarwal meds. He says I have an idea. He says I have a solution he gives her cotton. They both insert it in their ears.
Anjali’s friend says I make such good chicken. She says yes yes I will make it. They order raw chicken.

Roshni selects a design. Vadhai says this won’t match our product. Roshni says this is good. it will go good. Piyush says this is official work. Roshni says you are saying I am not professional. I am seeing you are not liking anything I do. I like this design. piyush says but vadahi doesn’t. Its her project. She will finalize. Roshni says you enjoy your vadahi. She leaves. vadhai says you said so much she was helping us.
Simar brings coffee. she says where is roshni? Vadahi says she left. Simar syas you must have said something piyush. Simar says I am calling her. Piyush says she will come back if she wants to, don’t call. Simar says you fight like kids.

Anajli and her friends cook chicken in the kitchen. Saroj asks gopal why are you not cooking? He says anajli is cooking with her friends. Anjali brings the chicken in hall. Saroj sees the chicken in the kitchen.
Anjali says chicken is there. Her friend says catch this with your mouth. She throws a kebab. Anajli tries to catch it. It falls in saroj’s feet. Saroj says how dare you cook non veg in my house.

Precap-SAroj says my house, you impured it. Anjalu says what your house? What is mine here? This is my husband’s house. I can do anything here. You can’t stop me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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