Sasural Simar Ka 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I am Simar. Prem says I think there is no network. I am Anjali’s dead. The call drops. Simar says the battery is dead. Roshni says what will we do now? Simar says wait for her to be conscious.
Prem comes home and asks Khushi where is Anjali? Her phone is off as well. Khushi says she went to a friend’s place to complete her project. She must be worried. I will call her let you know. She says if I call her now you will take phone and start scolding at her. Then she won’t pick my phone either and we wont even know where she is. Prem leaves her room.
Pari comes in. Khushi says I had to lie to him again. I have no idea where she is. She must be in a pub.
Simar covers Anjali with sheet and sits next to her. Anjali holds her hand in sleep.

SImr says why I feel like i know her? My Anjali would have been this old as well. But my Anjali can never do what she did. Prem must have taught her all the manners. There is Mataji for her as well. Simar looks at prem’s picture and says Prem ji look at our son’s marksheet. He is so old now. If you were here you would have been proud of him. He would have gotten so many blessings from everyone if he was home. he is exactly like you. I know my son. He is your shadow. Piysuh says this is not truth. Simr says when you came? Piyush says this man is nothing to me. Simar says no. Piyush till when are you gonna cry for him? Simar says whatever is between me and him is personal. Piyush says no its not. I was there too. That day, I can never forget it. My dad was in front of me. It was like a dream but I couldn’t even talk to him. I had an image what dads are like. But that man, he ruined everything and you are saying this is your personal problem?Simar says please Piyush. He says this man doesn’t deserve your tears. He can never make you happy. Because of him you forgot to laugh. simar says he is your father. Piysuh says he is nothing to me. Simar says sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. Piyush says what is a man that take decision based on circumstances. I will never accept this man. If you love me then you will never cry for him. If you do, I will know this photo is more important that me. He leaves. Simr sits there in tears.

Anjali wakes up. She says where am I? Whose house is this? Where was I last? She tries to recall. My car met an accident. Where is my phone. SHe comes in hall and says I think my kidnappers are asleep. She sees Piyush sleeping on couch. she says oh this is my kidnappers. You don’t know I am Anjali bharadwaj. She sneaks out but breaks a vase. Piyush wakes up and says who is there? Thief? Anjali hits him with a vase and runs. Rohan comes.
Anjali shoves Rohan and runs. Piyush says thief. Simar comes and says what happened? Piyush says I think it was some thief. he hit me with this vase. Sumit says thief? Rohan says it was that girl I tried to stop her and she ran. Roshni says but why she hit Piyush? Simar says she must be scared and worried. Its midnight. I hope she doesn’t get in trouble. Piyush says she hit me and you are worried for her. Simar says look at the time. Piyush says she hit me and Rohan, people must be scared of her. Rohan says we did what we could. She had to run. Sumit says Rohan is right. Lets go sleep everyone. Simar says I hope she is okay.

Anajli comes home and says thank God no one is in hall. I can go to my room. Khushi stops Anjali. Anjali says thank God its you. KB gives her lemonade. Anjali says I needed it. KB says you enjoyed a lot? Anjali says yes. Btw did you talk to dad? Khushi says about? Anjali says about me going to Mumbai for acting? Khushi says he is really mad. I had to lie to him. Prem comes and says I knew.

Precap-Khushi says if you have to blame someone then blame Simar. prem says I asked you not to talk about her. Mataji comes, her mental condition is not okay and says where is simar? Ask her to come and bring parsad. You and simar have to sit together in pooja. Prem says she isn’t coming. She is dead. Mataji slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hate Kushi !!! She should be chaised away from Barathwaj family very soon !

  2. Khushi used to be evil then good and back to evil. Can’t the writers decide on a character for her?!

  3. Plz change cover pic with new one…I can’t c this pic…prerna beside sid….n I have doubt…in some olv I saw amar…then I got is he still bachelor ???? Lol

  4. Loveme21

    i think that anjali and rohan love story will start cuz they had an eyelock and in yesterdays epi he picked her up .also loving the new track 🙂

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