Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says we all know what you are going through. Sid says your wife is alive and my wife is dead because of her. Its easy to sympathize you can’t understand my pain. When I was bringing her here, you don’t know what I felt. I will never see her again. He cries,mata ji hugs him. Sid says no one can feel what I do.Neither do I want anyone to. Mataji says I know how much you love her. No one can know your pain. Do you remember you promised her everything she asks. This is what she asked for one last time. This is your right to decide. Sid gives the fire to simar and says my hatred from you has increased. You took this right from me too. Simar says rights are earned not snatched. She was incomplete without you. This is your right. She gave me this because of her love. We can do this together. The both lit the fire.
Simar recalls her last moments with roli. Sid recalls his moments with her.

Everyone is crying. Roli’s mom says my daughter is gone. Simar says until papa comes home don’t tell him about roli.Maa says I will be really worried for you.Simar says I am your daughter I know how to cope with pain. Go to banglore papa needs you there. I promised roli that I will take care of family after her. I will call you when I feel weak. Once say that I am your brave daughter.They both cry and hug.

in bahardwaj house, pooja is on going. Simar is about to pick asthiya. Sid says I won’t tolerate if you touch them. He takes them and goes to his room.Mata ji says what is wrong with him. Simar’s friend says we should leave him alone. He will understand with time.
Sid goes to his room. He sees roli and his picture. Sid cries.
Simar says my roli saved me and left me alone.You should have taken me with you. How long will I take this? I should have died. I wanna die. Prem holds her. Mata ji says we can’t take or give life. We are humans. Whatever happened was God’s will. Simar says my roli.. She cries.

Precap-Sid is leaving,mata ji says where are you going? He says I can’t live under same roof with roli’s murderer. I am leaving this house. Simar says you won’t go anywhere. If someone will leave this house,it will be me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. guys its my sincere req to all rosidians( i said others plz dnt bash me) plz dnt watch ssk n dnt becum part in getting high trps…ssk should b kicked out of top 10 it should get less should b should b sued fr copying games of thorns..i stpd watching long still used to watch some tyms fr rosid glance..nw v r free frm this roli is no officially quitting this crap..i know already rosidians still there r some ..who want to watch fr guys nw there vl b nothing in tjis show…im nt intrested in prena n sid luv stry..roli died yestrday ..nw makers r thinking to show sid luv stry with prerna acc to spoilers..its too me ssk is over by today…n this is my last day fr reading written upd…luv u roli then no sid too..go to hell ssk

    1. I agree
      This show is garbage
      The last hope was rosidians
      I think I’ll fulfil my need by watching the old episodes
      To hell with this show now
      I hate simar

  2. The way Siddhant emotions were portrayed for Roli during the last few episodes were heartbreaking but also awesome. I dont know how the makers could make him fall in love again. Siddhant loves Roli so so much. I knw in life u hv a second chance but that would feel like a betrayal to Roli if Siddhant romances another. No way for me to watch zat happen. I quit SSK. No read of WU now. Frankly only n only Rosid was worth watching. Not others. SSk is beyond my thinking capabilities now. No sense at all
    I dont knw if i could say it hr or nt but i would advise u people to watch ek duje ke vaaste. The lead are too good n no overstretched drama(for now).

  3. well said honey.miss u rosid.i agree with you i already stopped watching it honey.

  4. Omg… i love these sisters. and i love rosid.. but now roli is no more .. if sid roli combination ilaina.. indha serial nalla irukadhu… na pakka maten.. pls.. come back roli.. i will miss you..

  5. Rosid will always be there in ff… Don’t worry friend…. Stopped watching ssk long ago……

  6. I agree honey

  7. siddanth acting is so superb in today episode….wat a love…there is no words….only tears…tears…cvs dnt make another jodi for sid…i hate tat prena…roli(avika)only the perfect pair for sid forever…

  8. Well said honey rosid.. agree wid evrythin u said…Nt going to watch it frm now on…evrytime rosidianz r being hurt.. All da sincere requestz of rosidianz too were not heard… Nw dere z nothing left for us.. Am sure da cvz r gonna spoil da charm of rosid by pairing sid wid prerna.. I hate ssk cvz… Hoping dat manish quit diz show… Nywayz bye bye ssk…


  10. I agree with u honey it’s really bad

  11. Manish is a handsome man but with uncut hairs and unshaven beard he looks like a monkey

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