Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jhanvi tells Roli that whole family has gone to Raj mansion with cops. Roli is dazed.
Girjesh begs for pardon Rajveer says I can’t forgive you this time. He loads his gun and points at him. Girjesh runs and goes in the white door room. Rajveer laughs. The room is all dark inside, Rajveer says death is only blamed, life gives all the pain. You have run towards your death yourself. You have made it easy for me. He says I Rajveer Singh order you to take away Girjesh’s pain and kill him. Someone walks towards girjesh. He takes out a sharp sword. He jiggles it and moves towards Girjesh.

Rajveer opens the main gate and laughs. He says this is my world. Whatever i order happens here. The door bell rings Rajveer says who could it be? He opens the door its roli. He

says don’t you think you come here too often. Roli says i came here to tell you that we have to clean all the proofs from here. He says what you wanna say? Who can dare to come here and ruin my regime? Roli says simar bahardwaj. She can come with cops here anytime. The promise i made might break today. It would be better that you clear all the proofs from here. Girjesh screams please save me. Roli is shocked. The man inside tires to kill girjesh. girjesh runs here and there to save his life.

He is about to kill girjesh, Rajveer leave him. The man stops, when he turns back, his face is similar as sid’s but he looks ferocious. Roli is dazed to see him. She recalls her time with him. Sid puts in his sword. Rajveer says I saved you this time but if you make a mistake next time he wont leave you. Rajveer says I your master order you to cuts your hand, Sid takes out sword and puts a cut on his hand. Roli says no, Rajveer says he is not your husband he is my slave now. He will do whatever i ask him to.

Scene 2
Jhanvi says to prem i am really worried for roli. I told her that her that simar is not home. She said no i would go to her wherever she is. Prem says i don’t understand simar, she wants to ease roli’s pain and she is giving us more pain. You know where is she? she has gone to rajveer’s place. that man has nothing to do with us. Jhanvi says i didn’t say it before but roli’s behavior is weird. I also think that there is something she is concealing. prem says no she is just alone. She would have told us if there was something. He leaves.

Simar along with rest of people and cops reach the house. The door opens itself. Rajveer is standing in front of them. He says why are you here at this time? Inspector says we need to talk to you. Rajveer says you must be here to search my house. mata ji says in heart i am sure i have met him before but where? ACP says no. Rajveer says ACP don’t lie in front of me. Mata ji and rest of you have come here in this scorching sun, that assures me that you are here to search my house.Rajveer says you can search my house but if you don’t find anything then, i will snatch your job ACP and peace of your family mata ji. And this is a vow, the decision is up to you people. Simar says he is threatening us, this means he has something to do with sid’s body. ACP says you are threatening me? Rajveer says i am warning you. You are here without any search warrant which means you are intruding in my life so i would intrude in your life as well. Now everything is up to you people i said what i wanted. I will make your lives worse than hell if you don’t find anything.

Precap-Cops start searching the whole house. simar opens the white door.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Arooj

    Omg don’t get this track hope siddhant is not naag but our lovely siddhant ji want rosid track n want this cow maya to get away wonder what has happened to Maui ji luv ROLI n siddhant

  2. I think they wont get anything and after their move he will order Sid to kill roli while tat time hw comes simar back there???????

    • s

      simar went to bw house but suddenly usko roli ki awaaz sunayi deti hai ki vo simarko bularahe hai.. kisi musibat mein hai… tab prem stops her not to go but simar gve mangalstutra to prem and she vl go to resue roli….. roli ko simar bachalete hai. .

  3. Arooj

    N why does maatji alwys stick up for simar everyone alwys takes stupid simar side I luv uu roli ur no1 fan rosid all the way

  4. Rosid

    Bet he has hidden all the proofs always wonder if he is a naag aswell I jus hope siddhant is not a naag otherwise I will not wat ssk

  5. ss

    if sid in dark room so wer is maya??? and i thnk simar doesnt found roli,sid and girjesh in dark room i thnk so… she vl return home.. after dat rajveer tels aryan to kill roli.. simmar saves her…

  6. sandya

    plz cvs jaldi ye track end karke rosid and premar ko unite kardo… plz.. end dis track soon..

  7. Stupid prem never trusts simar she always help him and his family there’s no appreciation. And wtf lol raj bahadur rajveer Singh ji.

  8. Priya

    Prem is a very bad husband. He always fights with simar and never trusts her whereas there were hardly any fights between roli and sid after they fell in love with each other.

  9. A

    Why does janvi stay with her family? What was the argument between her and anurag that she started living away from him? How can a wife stay away from her husband for so long?

  10. Hi

    Yes. This serial’s stupid. They forget what they showed earlier. Like they’ve forgotten about mausiji. Then in the beginning of ssk, it was shown that uma had a son almost of gautam’s age. And during bahu no 1 contest it was shown pari taunting uma that uma has never become a mom. So what exactly was that? Also, they’ve forgotten about janvi’s in-laws and husband. Also, sankalp’s father is missing. Also, earlier it was shown that karuna had a daughter named cherry. Now she’s also missing. Stupid.

  11. Anu

    It says that there was a deal between roli and maya. Rajveer made sid alive. But then why is he his slave? When roli knows that he won’t return as sid but rajveer’s slave then why did she agree?

  12. Kanika

    Oh! It was terrible looking at sid cutting his hand and acting like a rogue. Please end this soon.

  13. Ya roli agreed to this deal she thought she would get her Sid back but tat lal bahadur cheated roli and Maya it seems……..tats y Maya comes to save simar i think…….

    • sss

      ya me to thnkng same dat maya also cheated by rajveer… i think dis time her character may be +ve… …

  14. Kanika

    Yes, i think you’re right. Rajveer cheated maya and made sid a slave and hence to save him maya will perhaps join hands with simar. She will turn into a positive character.

  15. Anu

    It is found that rajveer is an old enemy of bhardwaj family and to avenge he is using sid. He cheated both roli and maya.

  16. Anu

    That is why he knows mataji and calls her so and his face is also familiar to mataji but since he is an old enemy, she is not able to remember anything.

  17. A2

    In wikipedia, sara’s name is in the former cast. Some say she will come to help simar. What’s that?

    • s

      dont now in segmnts sayng she vl back…and naag naagin phir eksaath hogi…. some sayng sid is nt naag only killer machine… dnt know wait and watch dats it..

  18. sandya

    simar ki jaan katre mein.. in dis intrvw sid tellng dat rajveer sammohaned him so he is rajveer ka killer machine bankar sab ka jaan lene ki koshish kar rahe hai… basically da character is over killing machine… but in segmnt da reporter tellng dat.. simar ko dekte he uska jaani dhushman bangayi he wants to kill simar.. next twists are nagin maya sid ke saath naag naagin ka avtar me saamne aane vali hai…naag nagin ko ekbaar dekna kafi jil desbi hoga… in dis segmnt telng dat he is only killer machine aaryan now.. didnt telng abt he is naag… but only reporters sayng dis??? so wat should we thnk abt sid’s character in dis track???anyone tel me…

  19. ss

    in news nation segmnt sid telling wen dis trck completes he dont no just now dis trck started rajveers entry.. .abhi abhi maya thodi sudri hi…. basically so many charactrs changes hogay hai.. he dont thnk dis trck will not end soon .. dis said dat…. by dis i’m thnkg dat maya turns to positive.. just hoping dat maya turns +ve character… i think maya character changes… buy dont no exact…

  20. A2

    I think after being cheated by rajveer, she’ll realize her mistake and will try to rescue sid from his clutches. Maybe rajveer only uses snakes and hence to get rid of him, maya will help simar and roli.

  21. leetu

    i think the naagmani is with rajveer and with the naagmani he has changed sid ana maya so maya realized the thing and try to save roli and simar

  22. sss

    mausi ji is back in ssk.. and dis tym her charecter -ve and rajveer is her son….rajveer come to take revenge for bw family for doing injustice to his mother and sending her in the prison inspite of being innocent..sujatha is ill in bw family and aii are worried for her in house.. dis tym her character completely -ve as she is annoyed with da fact dat she was forcefully punished for dacrime which she doesn’t did it…

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