Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says to Piyush how will you come? Khushi will ask you to stay home. Piyush says I will be there at Garba night. I have a plan. Khushi says to Anjali I have a plan. Khushi says Anjali you will have to write a letter. Anjali says what letter. Khushi tells her. Anjali says superb idea.
Piyush says I wont let KB create problems in your and Anjali’s life.
Anjali writes the letter and says I wrote everything you asked me to.

Piyush says to Roshni I am sorry. Roshni says hold your ears and say sorry. Piyush holds his ears and says sorry. Come with me? Roshni says okay. Piyush says you are such a drama. Piyush says Rohan you will be Anjali’s partner. Rohan smiles. Piyush says you got it? Rohan says yeah okay. I am tolerating her because of you. Piyush

says thanks bro. Rohan says but you said Anjali has a partner. Piyush says we will kick him out.

Khushi reads the letter and smiles. Pari comes in. Pari says what is it? Khushi says its a letter. Pari what letter? KB says Simar.. this letter will kick simar out of our house. Pari reads it, Dear dad I thought you are with me. But you are helping the woman I hate the most. I will leave this house forever. Pari says Anjali is leaving? Khushi says because of anjali they became one, because of Anjali they will be separated again. After this Prem won’t pardon simar. Pari says Simar’s game over? KB says Prem will get this letter when Anjali would be gone forever. On one side, Simar will be kicked out of this house. And on the other hand, who has right on all this property.. bye bye.

Scene 2
Everyone gets ready for Garba. KB says wow Anjali you look so good. Prem comes as well. Mataji says prem you look so good. since simar is back in your life, colors are back in your life as well. Simar comes as well. Mataji says look she is here. Mataji says simar you have colored our lives. Simar says give us your blessings.
KB says to Anjali I will go see arrangements. Mataji says to Simar why you tie your hair this way. Become simar like before. Untie your hair you will look better. Simar says I am okay. Prem says untie if Mataji is asking. Simar unties her hair.

Khushi comes to Prem’s room, she leaves the letter there. Khushi says Prem will come back from garba and see this letter after that simar is out of this house. Uma says lets go. Amar says let me get the cars out. Prem says I forgot my phone upsatirs. Khushi says he shouldn’t see the letter. Khushi says Prem bhaiya I will bring your phone. Prem says I will bring it myself. Prem’s phone rings on the sofa. He says oh my phone is here. Rajhinder says lets go. Simar says mataji come with me. Mataji says I am okay home. Simar says our family is incomplete without you. Mataji says I am not even ready. Simar fixes Mataji’s sari. Simar says you look so good, you will outlook Anjali’s friends. Mataji laughs.
Khushi says to Piyush pyaray you will stay home. I will lock the house form outside.
Simr says but he is home then why are you locking the gate? Khsuhi says I can’t give him keys. mataji says pyaray wont come? Simar says lets go.
Khushi locks the door and they all leave. Piyush is inside.

Roshni says Rohan Piyush is still late. Rohan calls her. Roahn says we are waiting for you. Roshni says come fast. Piyush says give me some time I am coming.
Rohan says I think there is something wrong. Lets go to Bahradwaj house. Piyush comes there. roshni says you are so late. Piyush says but I came. You look good. Roshni says thank you. Rohan says you look good too. Piyush says thanks bri. They see the guy who has to be anjali’s partner. They stop him. Piyush says I am Anjali’s brother. You are Raj gopal right? He says yes. Piyush says my sister has planned a surprise for you. Raj says I think she is gonna propose me. Piyush says maybe. Me and my friends will come with you, if thats okay with you? He says yeah sure lets go.

Anjali says to KB how will we execute our plan? KB says do as I say. Is your champu raj coming? Anjali says I never imagined I will make him my partner.
Piyush ropes Raj in his car and they leave him somewhere. Anjali calls him. She says to KB he is not picking up.

Precap-The function starts, Khushi’s men come there. Khsuhi gives them cash and says here is your advance. but once Anjali becomes part of that dark world, I will be done with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think the story will be much interesting when anjali too starts a liking for organising..they will be a great pair

  2. I think the story will be much interesting when anjali too starts a liking for rohan..they will be a great pair

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