Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector Tiwari ask Prem who is the girl sitting with you? Prem says she is my wife, Indra in surprise looks at him.
Simar is waiting for Prem, she says to Jhanvi that Prem never forgot to take kids, he is not irresponsible like this, Jhanvi says he went to work after many days so might forget, Sujata comes and says she is right, Mata rani is with us, you dont worry, Prem is fine now, we have to prepare for Navratri, come with me, Simar goes.
Tiwari ask Prem his name, Prem says Rana Thakur Singh, he ask where do you live? Prem says i am king of Shamgarh, he ask what is this Shamgarh? Prem says how dare you question me, Tiwari says you are drunk and asking me who i am to question, he says i will check from machine if you are really drunk, Prem says i have to teach them

lesson, Indra says to Prem that i am very happy to see your this side after many years, Tiwari tries to bring Indra out of car, Prem slaps Tiwari, he warns them to not touch his wife Indra.
Simar prays for Prem in aarti, she waits for him. Indra comes out of car, Tiwari recalls how he had seen her painting, Indra says to Prem that i am leaving now but do punish people because of whom our uniting night has destroyed, she vanishes, Policemen are shocked, Prem says Indravati where did you go.
Simar is worrying for Prem, Amar says i will go and check him, Siamr says i will go with you, sujata says no you have fast, Jhanvi says i will go with him, Amar and Jhanvi leaves to find Prem, Sujata says to Simar that dont worry Mata rani is with us.
Prem says to policemen that you will get punished for this, he beats them and leaves from there, Amar and Jhanvi reach the sight, they find Tiwari and other policemen there, Amar says to Tiwari that we are finding our friend but what are you doing here? Tiwari says i stopped a car here, he was talking weirdly, there was a girl with him, her name was Indravati, she came out of car and vanished from her, the man was calling himself king of shamgarh Rana thakur, Amar shows him picture of Prem, Tiwari says yes it was same man, Amar says he is Prem bharadwaj, he is in deep trouble, Amar is tensed.

Scene 2
Prem comes back home, Sujata ask where did you go? we were worried for you, Prem says again questions, you have no right to ask me where i go and whom i meet, i dont like to get questioned by anyone, be careful of that, Simar thinks what has happened to him, how he is talking to mother, Sujata ask what happened to you prem? Prem shouts who Prem? i am Rana Thakur, he says to Siamr that if you try to come infront of me again then you will be responsible for consequences, he leaves, Sujata says what has happened to him, he doesnt recognize me, Amar comes there and says its not his fault, he has forgotten that he is Prem Bharadwaj.
Prem comes in his room, he finds Indravati there, he says you here? Indra says where you are, your Indra will be there too, Prem says you left from there, were you in trouble? Indra says dont worry about me, because of my younger sister, our love couldnt complete last time, i have regret of his for more than 100 years but not anymore, simar or any power cant separate us in this life, i will make you mine this, the love which couldnt complete last time 100 years back will complete tonight, Indravati and Rana Thakur’s love story will be completed tonight.

Scene 3
Amar tells everything to family, Tiwari tells his experience too, Simar thinks why did Prem called Indravati as his wife, she recalls everything, she imagines herself as some princess and killing Indravati, Prem shouting Padmavati to not do it and she kills Prem too, she prays that i have to reach depth of this, all family members listen noise of ghungroos, they leave to check Prem’s room.
Indra is dancing in Prem’s room, Prem is enjoying it, all family members reaches Prem’s room, Indra vanishes from there, Prem gets angry, he stares Simar and says to Simar that i told you to not come infront of me, i wanted to spend sometime with Indravati and you are spoiling it, leave from here else you will be destroyed, in last life, you killed me and Indravati, you did crime of separating lovers, but this is fate’s game that i met you in this life(incarnation) so that i can punish you, Simar says this is not justice to punish person in this life for her deeds in last life, Prem says i see killer in you, simar says it was earlier life, the person whom you are talking about was Padmavati but i am Simar, your Simar, Padmavati killed you and indravati but its not my fault, in that life you were with Indra but in this life you are my husband, Prem shouts no, the one who snatched my Indra from me, i will not accept her as my wife, by fate you have come in my life again but i will let you succeed in this game now, Simar says what has happened to you, come to consciousness, Prem says i have to consciousness now only, today i will complete my love story, i will finish you today and will make Indravati mine, he grabs Simar by neck, he strangles her, all tries to free Simar from Prem’s clutches, Indra is looking at all this from far, Prem emotionally looks at Indra, all grabs Prem and frees Simar, family ask Simar to leave from there, amar says he remember last life seeing your face, leave from here, Simar is hurt to see Prem like this.

PRECAP- Prem throws everyone away and grabs Simar by neck, he says to Simar that your end has come Padmavati, the story which couldnt finish last time because of you will finish after killing you only, he throws Simar from first floor, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh my god……prem throwed simar frm first floor wat will happen ?????would Sid come and save???or after falling down simar remembers her past ie before 200years…..

    1. no sid nd mataji are not there. as per previous episode…. amar,sankalp,sattu, shailu save simar when prem through simar from 1st floor in down they catch her…. i think its time to have to roli back.. because simar needs roli help almost roli only can save her sister…. so its time for roli to come back.. and in yesterday episode she remembers roli and vows that when roli return safe then only she will eat.. upto that time she will do fast… she prays to bring roli back soon….

  2. May be she didnt fall.she might have grabed on to something to hold.they didnt show simar falling down .

  3. shocking: simar murders her sister find out why..
    readers, if you recovering from a mini heart attack, then let us share some info with you, which will give you some mental peace.
    here, we are not talking about simar’s beloved sis roli , but about indrawati, who was simar’s sibling in her previous birth.
    oh yes, it’s time for all the loyal viewers of rashmi sharma’s telefilms sasural simar ka (colors) to witness the dark pastof protogainst, and some revenge dramarevolving around the same.
    with amar’s help, simar has already visited her past life in a hypnotic state, and from her memories, she has realized that she killed her sister in previous birth, which shattered her.
    now, the question arrives, why did simar enacted something so cruel.
    here is the answer, for love.
    a source associated with soap opera shared, “in the upcoming episodes it will be reavelead that indravati and padmavati were in love with a young royal man, rana ji. and rana ji is none other than prem in his previous birth. with the both sisters falling in love with the same man, developed a love triangle between them, which resulted in indravati’s tragic fate”.
    jaws dropped!! right??
    well, now the motivebehind indravati, coming back to simar’s life, is to take revenge from her and to win back prem’s love once more.
    oops, so what will happen to simar and prem’s love?
    well as they say love conquers all. so will happen in this case in what we hear. true love will have the last laugh.
    unfortunately we could not reach dheeraj, as the young man remained busy shooting.

  4. omg plz save simar. is it true prem loved indravati in previous birth?

  5. no,i think its indravati plane to take revenge from simar.

  6. i want dat simar nd prem should unite again…..indravati should go out from their life….i feel sometimes bore seeing this serial nd also feels interesting nd also anxious to know what had happened in thei previous birth.I’m also anxious to know the truth.

  7. Its high tym fr roli return..waiting badly fr rosid

  8. Does anyone know what film or al um the music is from when Indravati is dancing in Prems room????

  9. whats going to happen in night

  10. Where roli will come? simar needs roli

  11. hey…..only roli can help simar nw…v r waiting 4 her frm a very long tym……
    witot roli…its lyk a bull shit..going on…plz…come back..dear ROLI…

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