Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaureya is throwing away the cloth janvi tied on his hand. She says please don’t do this., It will get your bruise infected. Shaureya says this is my bruise and will hurt me does it effect you? Janvi say yes it does. Shaureya asks why janvi? Janvi says because i love you shaureya. Shaureys fills her forehead with his blood.

Scene 2
There in the house Simar is performing the religious ritual. Mata ji burns the candle in front of God. Pandit ji says that this flame should not be gone for next nine days. This is for your blessing. Pandit ji says lets start arti. This year a new member has been added to your family. Its better if we start with the children. Simar comes forward first. Achna stops her and says simar won’t do the arti first. Pari is elder

and Aarav is the son of this family while anjali is daughter. Mausi ji is about to says something, mata ji stops her. Simar says that both Anjali and Aarav are kids of this family. It doesn’t matter who does it first.

Scene 2
Attul is busy in looking for shaureya. Meghna asks him to find him as soon as possible. She says i am going to madir and i want his news before i get there.

Scene 3
Shaureya asks Pandit ji that one ritual of our wedding has been done. Lets do the others. Pandit ji says that its nabratri’s first day today we can’t do anything before that. Shaureya says that is there anything more precious than love. He burns the fire himself. Janvi says how can we get married without the prayers of our elders. Shaureya says that our families love us so much they won’t accept this marriage yet but one day they will. Feel this moment it will never come back. do you trust you shaureya? She nods, He makes her wear the war mala and mangal sutar. They start the pheray then.
Meghna is on the way she is calling shayreya over and over again.
Janvi is just going with the flow, while there in her house everyone is so happy doing the arti. After pari and shalu its simar and prem doing the arti.
Shayeya says to everyone why are all staring ? Haven’t you seen a marriage before. He takes janvi down stairs. He says that they are weird they don’t know that they don’t need to stared they should be left alone. We are married now and we have license of marriage now. Janvi says that our wedding is done but we have to make our elders happy. He says i agree with you we don’t have to tell them yet. we just have to be careful and think what can be the right time. Just be happy trust your husband. I will love you like never before. I will change your life. We should spend more time together. Can we go now? He makes her sit in the car.

scene 4
Meghna arrives at the mandir. On her back shaureya and janvi are sitting in the car. They leaves and meghna doesn’t get to see them.

Scene 5
Simar asks pandit ji to give his arshivad to anjali, achna again intrudes and says that love is given to younger one first, so give my grand son arshivaad first. Padit jo does. Pandit ji says about anjali that this girl will make you all proud one day. Achna is going up stairs, mata ji stops her and says i was quiet because of pooja but i am telling you that there is no difference between anjali and aarav for us and i request you to stay a guest i mean this all doesn’t suits on the people of your age.

Precap- Roli tells simar that janvi lied again, she has not went to the hospital. Simar says then where is she since morning. Sujata is also worried about janvi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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