Sasural Simar Ka 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram arrives outside Bharadwaj house. Anjali sees him from balcony. He is going towards the guest house where Vadahi lives. He is about to knock but Anjali pats on his shoulder. Anjali asks what are you doing here at this time? He says I.. Vikram says I came to meet up. I thought you live here. Anjali says yes I will live in out house? Vadahi lives here. He says oh I am sorry. Thank God you came on time. She says I wasn’t sleepy. The weather is so good lets go for a long drive? He says sounds fun. but what would your family think? SHe says I an expert they wont ever know. He says I know. She says I am going to change. Wait for five minutes. Vikram says she ruined the whole plan. He starts his car. Vadahi wakes up. She looks out and sees Vikram in his car. Vikram sees her

as well. He gets out of his car. Anjali comes he opens the door for her. Vikram gives Vadhai a stare. Vadhai says if I say anything he will harm anjali. I won’t let anything happen to her. They leave.

Scene 2
Next morning, Simar comes in Anjali’s room with breakfast.
Simar says I should make memories with Anjali. We just have two days left. She sees Anjali’s shoes on floor and her all messed up. Simar wakes Anjali up. Simar says you went somewhere last night? And your face? How you got this bruise? Anjali doesn’t answer her. Simar says whom were you out with? Anjali shoves her and says I don’ want to tell you. Simar tells Prem that anajali went somewhere and she got a bruise. Prem says whom did you go out with? Anjali says with Vikram. Is that a problem? Prem says you went without telling and you got a bruise. Tell us how you got this? Anjali says I got bumped with the car door. Simar says but that bruise says something else. ANjali says what is your problem? Why you create issues all the time? Let me enjoy my wedding. Simar and prem leave. sImar says in heart I will find out how you got this bruise.

Scene 3
Sangeet ceremony starts. Vikram and his family arrives. They wait for anjali. Prem says he is coming. Vikram says thank God Vadhai isn’t here. ANjali meets everyone. Vikram holds her hand. Simar asks Vikram suddenly lights go off. The music starts. Mataji says this event is for youngsters. After so many days we have happiness in our house. Our Anjali is getting married. To express this happiness. Mataji dances on mehndi hai rachny wali. She gives Anjali’s hand in Vikram’s hands. They both dance with her.
Next are Jhanvi and Amar they dance on ‘hello hello’. Piyush says where is Vadhai? He asks Simar. simar says she must be in out house. Piyush says I will call her. Piyush comes to Vadahi and says you have to come. She says okay I am getting ready. He says thank you. VAdahi says how will I go in front of Vikram.
Piyush dances next. Vadahi comes in as well. He dances on ‘dehli wali girl friend’. He bring Vadhai on the floor. Piyush says to Vadahi meet our bother in law Vikram. Anjali says Vikram our family members took her from road. Vikram says oh so this is Vadadhi. Nice to meet you. He extends his hand. Vadhai shakes his hand.

Precap-Vikram takes Vadahi to room and says you better keep your mouth shut. Because if something happens in this house because of you, you know what can I do to you. Simar comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I had a doubt, amar was married to janvi………..?????????

    and i request to the writters please bring Sanju and Sid back to baradwaj house because they are also have the important relationship to Anjali. He is he chachi ji and Sanju is her sister as well. without them how anjali’s marriage will happen???????

    Yours surprise is enough for us. please take them back and not with the bad prerna, but with Roli plsssssssssssssssssssssss……………….

    Why simar don’t ask about them even prem also didn’t. he is a brother of sid and father of Sanju, But they don’t care about them…….

    How can they show like this…..???????
    Simar didn’t think about any memories with roli, she didn’t miss her in this happiest time……???????

    What is that crap…………??????

    Give some valuable scenes for the valuable actors………

    Don’t dump their acting skills

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