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Sasural Simar Ka 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
roli says didi I told you there is nothing in this temple. Lets go we are getting late. They go towards the car. Prem is in a dark place trying to come out. He is breathing heavily. He says where am I? He says I am suffocating. He hears simar’s voice and of Anjali’s. He says Simar.. He says I will have to stay alive for my simar and Anjali. He says what will I do? I have to see Anjali growing up. simar stops and looks back at the temple. she says in heart why I feel like I have some possession here. Prem is struggling. Prem finds a letter that says talk to your love for one last time after a few minutes the phone will turn off and so will your breaths. He sees there is just one percent battery in phone. He calls simar. simar says I am getting a call from prem. Everyone

is dazed. simar receives the call. simar says hello? prem says hello simar says I can’t hear you. He coughs. Prem says simar I don’t know where I am its so dark. I don’t know how I came here. I feel like I am in a box or something. sid says where is he? simar tells him he is in abox. He isn’t fine. simar asks prem can you tell me something around you? he coghs and says I don’t know how and when I came here. simar says will find you. Vikrant asks is there any crack? simar says he knows nothing. simar says don’t worry. he ays I am suffocating. Prem says listen to me don’t disconnect the call. I don’t think I will ever come out of this,. simar syas don’t say that. He says I have made a lot of mistakes. he says I wanna spend my last time with you. I have hurt you a lot. He says pardon me. simar says you haven’t done anything. You have to live for me. Sid says inspector is tracking this call don’t disconnect.

Mata ji calls roli. she tells her everything. Rajhinder asks her what happened? Mata ji says prem is not well. Sujata says what happened to prem? Mata ji goes to temple to pray for prem. Mata ji says if anything happens to prem I will stop having faith in you. simar says prem don’t worry we are tracking th8is call. prem cant breathe. He says simar surbhi is lyimg she isn’t pregnant. simar says we all know that. I have no problem with you. prem says says simar I can’t breathe. simar says I am with you nothing will happen to you. simar says everything is going to be okay. he recalls his moments with simar.

Mata ji and all other people in the house are praying for prem. inspector gets a call and someone tells him that they have traced the locations. Its the old temple near by pass. simar says I knew he was here, siamr says I am coming to you. they go in. they run upstairs to the temple.
They look everywhere. simar says we are looking for you everywhere. they look in the forest. prem syas I don’t have time I don’t think you will be able to find me. These are my last breaths. stay with me that’s all I want. simar goes to the temple and says you did everything to me and I accepted it as fate but if anything happens to prem I will kill my ownself here.

Precap-simar says please help nmeGod. I have to find prem. simar follows a flying cloth. they start digging/

Update Credit to: Atiba

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