Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar goes after mata ji. She says I am going to wash hands. Chanda with that woman comes in.
Pari says what is all this simar? Simar says i don’t understand either. Why didn’t it work on mata ji?
chanda says only i know who this mata ji is. I know what truth is. She says to mata ji your time is getting over come in your real self. The woman disappears. And becomes mataji. Chanda covers her face. She is nothing but clothes walking. Mataji says where am i? Chanda says I brought you here to rest. Mata ji says lets go.Chanda says on one condition only. You have to promise me you will kick simar out of prem’s life.Mataji says now see what I do to him.

Chanda says see simar you God didn’t help you. Got your answer? Because you cheated me a lot.

Mata ji comes out. Pari says where is everyone? Sattu says here they are. Mata ji slaps prem and says you listened to her? you trusted this simar. Pari says but mata ji.. Mata ji says you people are flying now? you will talk in front of me? Stupid you all. You are with this simar.Prem says please clam down mata ji what has simar done. you have some misunderstanding. You loved her and she cheated you. Mataji says that is truth. She fooled you. She was with another man too. She has ruined so many lives. Thank God that your figured and divorced her. We cried for you because of this simar. She was problem in your life. You can’t come out of it Prem says I don’t know any such thing. Why dont I remember? Mata ji says this is her game. you were so depressed that you tried suicide. Simar says this is all lie. SImar says I am your wife. Mata ji says now decide if you wanna live with her or us. Prem says I remember everything but simar?Mataji says when you get second chance you forget your worst pass. She was the worst part of your life. Sujata says simar is right prem. Simar is not bad. Prem says I trust you maa but I trust mataji most. She can’t lie to me. Sujata says mata ji is fooled too. Please trust me. Rajhinder says shut up sujata. Where were you when you left them alone? You have no right to call prem and sid your sons. Because you left them. Simar says prem ji don’t decide anything just give me once chance. Prem says i don’t wanna hear a thing. Now I will speak. 4 days. I give you to prove yourself. And you are innocent. I will marry you the fifth day. And if you couldn’t I will marry chanda.
Simar says but how can you.. Mataji says I am proud of you prem. He has made a decision like a man. The ghughat woman goes in. Chanda says before coming here you said simar won’t come between us.Mata ji says she won’t i won’t let her. Mataji says till simar proves her innocence no one will talk to her. Okay? Prem says okay.

Precap-Someone comes and tries to kill sujata. Prem stops him. He is shocked to see the person.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode… Intresting precap

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