Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2013 Written Update

Sujata tells Naina, we all are with you. there won’t b any injustice with you. Mataji is getting angry. Naina says, what did I say wrong? I just want my child’s rights.. nothing else. Mataji declares, we all will stay here today and tomorrow morning, Naina and Sid will get married and only after that we will go back home. Sid leaves from there in anger.

Prem and Simar come to the hotel. Simar is sad and in serious mood. Prem has surprise for her. He pulls the rope and roses fall on Simar, but Simar is still sad. Prem tells her, I planned this surprise to make you happy, but if you got hurt by that, then I am sorry. Simar says, you can never hurt me.. don’t say like that. You’re my strength. She again takes out Roli’s topic, but Prem stops her. He says, sometimes silence

is good, and I am sure you will be able to take out yourself from this sorrow and I will be with you in that. Simar is still thinking about Roli and says in her mind, I may not be able to prove myself, but how can I forget everything that Veeru done to her in front of my eyes and I couldnt do anything. Prem asks her to go to eat, but Simar says she is not hungry and tired. Prem then asks her to rest.

Prem receives a call from his mother who tells him about Naina and Sid’s wedding tomorrow morning, and then they will go to home, and it’s Mataji’s decision.

(missed few mins.. will add later)

She is now explaining Sid how important it is for a child to have father. And it’s also important for a father to do his responsibility toward his child. She says you will take first step to that when you marry Naina. Sid turns away his face. She goes on to explain him that they promised Naina and it’s about time now. She asks him to forget his past and fulfill his responsiblity. Start a new beginning. He hugs her so that means he agreed.

Naina is going crazy in happiness.

Khushi tells Veeru that she has planned everything what they have to do. She is about to tell him, but gets a call from Naina. Naina thanks her and says I got what I wanted, I and Sid are getting married tomorrow. Khushi doesn’t show interest and says that’s good. Naina is telling more, but Khushi pretends like she can’t hear and disconnects. After the call, Khushi tells Veeru, she is eating my head too much.. I will have to do something and now I don’t need her anyways. Veeru asks Naina? Khushi says yes.. a weak line of my last evil plan. Sid’s lover.. i brought her home so she can get married Sid and I can get some money from Bhardwaj. But Now i have my Veeru with me and I don’t need her anymore. I don’t want her to get married to Sid now.

Prem and Naina come downstairs. Prem says in his mind, i have found Naina’s truth but I don’t have any proof. I will need a proof to stop this marriage. I did everything I could.. met everyone related to her past.. and then he clashes with a guy. The guy says he is Sid’s friend and asks if Sid came with them. Prem says no. the guy says if he had came then we would have so much fun like we had last time in 2 days conference. He says, they all drank whole night and Sid was so drunk that he couldn’t control himself. He leaves as his friend calls him. Simar and Prem recall Sid telling them about those 2 nights. Simar says if he was with his friend, then how he can be with Naina. Prem then tells her about Sid and Naina’s wedding tomorrow.. and asks her to help him. Simar says, I can’t let this happen.

Simar and Prem investigate about Naina saying she came here some time ago. Other side, Naina is getting ready for the marriage. She’s very happy. Prem and Simar now talk with manager. Prem asks him about CCTV cameras and if he can see footage. Manages says that’s against our resort rules. Prem says, it’s very important for me to see that footage.. it’s about someone’s life. Manager still says no.

Precap: Prem calls his mother and asks her to put phone on the speaker. He tells everyone that Naina is fooling them. She is not pregnant and nothing happened in resort other night. He also says he has proof.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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