Sasural Simar Ka 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 10th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Jhanvi says I am pregnant tell and a widow. tell me if you still want to marry me ? I killed my husband myself. She is in tears. He was an evil. She tells him the whole story. She says tell me will you spend your life with a widow and a murderer ? Answer me. He leaves. Jhanvi is all alone in the street she in tears.

Scene 2
Next morning everyone wishes each other Holi. Everyone seeks Mata ji’s prayers. Mata ji says its your first holi here sonia. I wish you could come with us. SHe says I wish the same but if i put colors my skin will damage even more. I really wanna come with you all. Sankalp says I will stay here with you. Sonia says no you should go and play holi. Karuna says she is right you should be at the place where sonia is not present. Jhanvi comes

downstairs. Simar says Happy holi to her and applies color on her skin. SHe stops her and says please don’t I am not in mood of all this. Mata ji says okay no one put color on you but come with us. Simar wonders why is she so upset ? Mausi ji says the stage is reday and so are the people. Lets get started. They all go out. Roli, Simar, Uma and Pari through a whole bucket of water colors on their husbands and now they are on revenge. Khushi says look at this sankalp how he is enjoying without me. How can billo not play the holi. Lets go billo. Prem says happy holi to simar. She says same to you. Jhanvi recalls doctor aroroa proposing her. Everyone starts the dance. While the elders enjoy the sight.

Scene 3
Khushi comes there without mask and says no one can stop me from playing holi. SHe mixes a lot of alcohol in the bhang and applies color on her face. She says no one will ever recognize who am I. The waiters serve the bhang among the bharadwaj family. Sid drinks Roli’s as well. Mata ji doesn’t drink Mausi ji asks her to. Khushi is happy to see that everyone has drunk it. Verma aunty gives on to Jhanvi. SHe says what are you doing here ? I know you can’t play with colors because of being a widow but you can drink it . Jhanvi takes it reluctantly.
scene 4
Sid is drunk. He can’t say words clearly. Rajhinder says to sujata marry me. Prem and Simar laugh. He says SImar will you be my girl friend ? They are all drunk. Khsuhi comes in. She pretends like she is crying. Sankalp goes to her and asks why are you crying. She applies colors on his face. He says I will tell her. He runs after her. Khsuhi strikes with Mausi ji. SHe says who are you ? Khushi tries to hide her face. Mausi ji says what is your name ? Khushi says I am Verma’s relative. Mausi ji stops her again syas Khsuhi. SHe holds her hand and stares at her face.

Precap- Roli, SId and everyone dance on the song jay jay shiv. Khushi is drunk as well. She touches roli. Roli is confused by her face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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