Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanda grant says when Maani becomes stone and simar sits on it she will only become human again. Simar says this means baba was right. My problem started with maani and now she will bring it back for me.
Prerna says mataji I should have said no to Sid for going to dinner. He is doing all this because of that arrow. Mata ji says don’t think you re playing with his feelings you have done this for his family and him. Don’t blame yourself. Prerna says everything will be normal again.
Prerna says we should go down stairs. I think that fake simar is back.
uma says you came back so early? Uma says she must be missing us. Fake simar says yes. And ma papa are well now. Karuna says go freshen up. Uma will bring you something to eat. Simar(bee) says you know prerna

what is she here for.
Fake simar says to maani, I will get simar’s identity. Maani says be careful. He should make you wear mangalsutra and sindur. If someone else touches that mangalsutra and sindur it won’t happen.Simar(bee) says I won’t let this happen.

At night, Prem is in room. Mataji says to simar you have to stop her. Simar(bee) says don’t worry at all. Mata ji says go. Prerna says all the best simar.
Fake simar wears mangalsutra in front of perm. He says let me help you. Simar says if tonight a husband makes his wife wear mangal sutra and will her hairline nothing can part them. I have wanted you for all live. Do you too? Prem says of course. I have always love you. I want you in all my lives. FAke simar says then prem ji fill my hairline once again. Simar(bee) says I won’t let this happen. Simar(bee) comes between them. Prem says lets go have dinner. Fake simar says you go I am coming.
Fake simar says my mission is accomplished. I am simar forever.

Scene 2
Prerna and Mata ji are hidden behind the curtain. Mataji says simar fo this is the last step to attack on that fake simar. Fake simr loses her face after an hour. She is dazed. Simar comes in front of her and she becomes bee. Prerna says no one can hear her now. She becomes bee. Fake simar says how I became this? Simar did all this. I have to tell maani that she is not dead.
prerna says she must be going to maani lets go and check.
Maani says tonight I will get all my powers back. I will get all my powers back and go back to moon.Mataji and prerna are listening to her. A bee comes to her. she says maani maani.. Listen to me. Maani says where did this bee come from? I hate these bees. The ghughat woman says please listen to me.. i your companion. Maani tries to kill her. Maani says I hate bees and I kill what I hate. She tries to kill the bee. Maani kills it.

Precap-Maani says I mixed liquid in this glass. sid drank it. He will see you everywhere. Even in me he will see you. Now keep thinking what you have to do. I am going to sid to get my powers back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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