Sasural Simar Ka 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush comes to bharadwaj house. Roshni sees him. She says I.. He shows her the video. Roshni recalls ananiya did all this. Roshni says please.. He shoves her hand and sits in the car. Roshni sits with him. Roshni says please. I wanted to tell you. I thought you won’t like it.

Samir comes with everyone to temple. He sees a man there. He is worried. He says what is this man doing here. That man asks people if they have seen samir. Samir tries to hide his face. Samir says damn this Tarun Malhotra have to find from London, if he tells my truth then I will be doomed, he sees Tarun and comes in pooja. Simar asks where did he go? I have teleconferencing meeting, I have to go, Simar says okay you go, I will tell Sanjana, he leaves. Tarun sees him and tries to call him but Samir

runs from there.

Roshini asks Piyush to listen, Pyiush says I thought you were working in nice house a nice job, you have broken my trust, I left my house for your honor and you went to that house for a maid’s job, Roshini says they are our family, I was missing them, Piyush says you could have called not become a maid there, you wont step a foot inside that house ever again, you have hurt me a lot but not anymore, Roshini says I wont go there but just eat food Simar sent, she sent with so much love, Piyush says I wont even drink water of that house.

Pari says to her company that Piyush must have scolded her good, Ananya says now Piyush wont allow her to enter this street so she wont comeback to this house ever again.

Scene 2
In morning, Simar says to mataji that there is so much work remaining to do, Mataji says everything will be dont with God’s blessing, Aarav says I will handle everything. Amar says I will handle food and decorations. Ananya brings dish there and says Sanjana made it for someone special, Arav asks if this is for Samir only, Sanjana serves custard to Samir, he says I love it. Tarun comes there and says Samir Kapoor.. Samir gets tensed. Mataji asks who are you? Tarun hugs Samir and asks how are you? Samir says fine, Sanjana asks Samir who is he? Tarun says you didnt call me to your wedding? Sanjana says so you are his friend? Tarun says I am his best friend, Samir has made me roam in London a lot so i will make him roam here a lot, Tarun says there was a misunderstanding between me and Samir so thats why he might have not told about me to you people, Simar says thats good, Samir wont feel alone now, Tarun says I wont leave Samir now. Mataji asks him to have bearkfast with them. Mataji says we have so much work to do. Samir thinks what this Tarun is thinking?

Piyush asks Roshini to give everything back to Simar Maa, you have hurt me enough so dont hurt me more, give it back, Roshini takes things and leave.

Anjali says to Sanjana that I will make you ready, Sanjana which new cheap trick she is going to use now? Anjali says I am sorry, I have hurt you a lot, but I have no negative intentions now, you have to get ready now, dont you want to marry Samir? Sanjana blushes, Anjali makes her wear bangles, she says I have to get ready too, she leaves.
Pari asks servant to bring sweets. Aarav and all are busy in decorations and arrangements. Ananya asks Umi what are you thinking? Umi says if Roshini’s house had cameras then we could have seen how Piyush scolded her, Ananya says leave her, we have taken good class of her and she wont be coming here anytime soon, they turn around and are shocked to see Roshini standing on door of Bharadwaj house again.

PRECAP- Samir says to Anjali that you called Tarun to India? Anjali says to Samir that your cheap plans and secrets that you were hiding from me, all that black work’s sheet is with Tarun and now with Tarun’s help I will bring your true face to my family. Samir says you want something from me thats why you are doing this? Anjali says you are right, so is it a deal? Samir shakes hands with her and says yeah. Roshini sees all this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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