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Sasural Simar Ka 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is worried, she sees the hand mark on the wall and gets worried. Simar calls mata ji, she says who could do this? amar comes out as well. Amar says some kid must have done this, simar says someone has done this. amar says in heart this is weird, he says i am coming in a moment. Amar cleans it with a thinner. a woman comes and says namasty. They all turn back, she says come here daughter. A young girl comes. Amar smiles, mata ji says i didn’t recognize you? have we met before? The woman says i am sunanda, and this is my daughter mohini. Sunanda says i saw the advertisement about the house you want to rent, the adajacent one. I want to rent it. Mata ji says yes, simar introduce them to prem. Simar takes them in the house. Prem tells them about the house, he says amar lets

go, amar stares at mohini. Simar shows them the house. Suddenly sunanda starts fainting, simar gives her water. Simar says sit here and rest. sunanda says no we want to see the house.
Simar shows them the entire house.

A guy collides with a man and a picture falls from his hands, its mohini’s picture, and they walk past him. he asks different people if they have seen his picture. Simar shows them the house. Mohini and sunanda like the house. Sunanda says we are from a different city, we dont have a house today, so can we live here tonight? simar says i need to ask my husband. she calls prem and asks him to come. Simar says he will be coming in a while. Mohini opens the window and sees the man who is looking for her, she gets scared. He is asking different people.

prem comes with simar, Simar tells him about their wish to stay in the house. sunanada says if there is some problem them we will try to get some other accommodation for tonight. simar says to prem they seem good people. We have to give them this house, so why it matters anyway. amar says yes let them stay, this is end the silence of the house. We will get the police certification tomorrow. We should help them, they don’t know anyone else here. Prem says okay you can stay here. Sunanda says thank you. Prem says its not needed. If you need something ask simar. mohini says thank you. amar smiles. prem says lets go simar.

Amar shakes hand with mohini and says if you need anything call me. Everyone else is busy in the house, i am free so i can always come to help you. She says okay. amar says see you soon. prem says amar can we go now? Amar asks mohini your name? we need it to write in documents. She says mohini.
Amar is whistling on his way back. The man is still looking for mohini. Simar says amar can’t even hear us now. prem says how did you become social worker? Amar says she is a nice girl, i mean they are they are nice people. Prem says i like your speed. how about getting you married with us as well? Prem says what was he saying simar? This silence will vanish. he will come when they need him. and they don’t know anyone in this city but us. Amar says there is so much to do home, lets go please. The man stops them but he asks another man.

They are two. First one asks raju did you find her? Thakruain wont leave us if we dont find her. simar sees that the hand mark is not there on the wall. she feels her self touching it.

Precap-thakurain asks the men did you find her? they say no. Mohini says we cant find a better place to hide from her. Sunanda says she wont leave us if she sees. thanruain comes in bharadwaj neighborhood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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