Sasural Simar Ka 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi comes in the house and sees someone going upstairs. She shouts who is this ? Roli runs up. khushi runs after her. Roli locks herself in the room. Khushi starts calling all the people and says there is a thief in the house. Sujata asks what happened ? Khushi says mata ji door beel rang. no one was there. when I came in I saw someone going upstairs. Mausi ji says when no one was at the door how can someone come in. roli says I saw someone going up to sid’s room. Sid and prem go to sid’s room. They can’t find anyone. Sid turns back, roli is there. Both sid and prem are shocked to see her. sid asks what are you doing here ? Sankalp asks is someone there ? Sid says tell me whats wrong. Prem says lets go down. She came like this there mus be some reason behind this.

Roli says he is right I will explain you everything. Don’t tell anyone I came.

Surbhi comes and says I guess the thief has ran away. I saw him running. Sid wonders why is she lying. Mata ji says Why you opened the gate at this time. Your room is downstairs that doesn’t mean that you will open the gate every time. This should never happen again. Go abck to your rooms its too late. khushi wonders there is something going on between sid, prem and roli.

Scene 2
sid comes in and asks why you came here at this ? roli says I was not feeling good there. sid says I know you are lying. Tell me the truth. Sid says look I know you so well.Roli wonders what to do now. he says look into my eyes and tell me the truth. Roli says in heart I can’t tell you anything. roli says you expressions are worth watching. Sid says shut up and answer me. roli says I was missing you. So I came here. He says you know I was missing you too. He asks what about the tests ? Roli says doctor told me that I am fine. Sid says what about the bills ? You had no money. Roli says aditi gave the bills. I was talking to her. SHe asked me to go home. Sid says you should have called me. Aditi asked me to surprise you.
Roli says i thought you’ll be happy. Sid says i trust you. But you’ve been weird since a few days. Looks like i don’t know you. Roli says i think i should go back to summer camp. He says don’t even dare. He says what will we say to family. Roli says we’ll make the understand.Khushi wonders whats going on. Who was there ?Was that a thief or someone else. Prem come to surbhi. Shesays i saw roli. I got that there must be some reason you both wanna hide her presence. I’m sure she’s doing it for better. Sid says simar would’ve done the same. Thank you.

Scene 3
The nurse comes to karthik and says i know that girl. Her name is.. She trips over and falls on a tray. I knife gets in her throat. She dies at the moment. Karthik calls someone and says the head nurse died. She knew her. We don’t have cctv cameras. She was lucky to run away from here. We’ve to do what we did to sunnaina bhabi two years ago. Vikran says to her don’t worry till i’m here.

Precap-roli calls simar and tells her that some doctor or navjevan hospital is involved in all this. Simar says that hospital is of vikran’s brother. Roli says i think we should meet. Simar says i can’t come to dehli. Roli says but i can come there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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