Sasural Simar Ka 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 10th July 2013 Written Update

Simar is about to pick up the thaal. Jhumki says in her mind, I can’t even think about doing this with her, but I have no option because of Bantu. Prem comes and notices wires there. Before Simar touches the thaal, he runs to her and pulls her back. Whole family comes and is worried for Simar.

Simar says, I am fine, but what happened? You came here all of a sudden. Mataji says, we came hearing Prem shouting. Prem tells everyone about wires. Simar says, but I touched the thaal, nothing happened to me. Everyone wonders why. Jhumki was recording the video. Prem goes to check. He comes back and says, this side’s electricity wasn’t functioning here… so God saved Simar.

Veeru is watching the video with lots of excitement. He gets disappointed when he sees Simar got saved.


tells the family that electrician will come tomorrow to check all the wiring in their house. They wonder how did wire come there. Jhumki says, maybe wire got broke and came in the way. Mausji agrees and says, why would anyone do it? Everyone is our own in this house.

Mataji now gives family traditional bangles to Sid and asks him to put it in Jhumki’s hand. Sid says, for us, your blessings are enough.. you should keep this traditional bangles. Mataji says, these bangles are our blessing only. They ask him to put them on Roli’s hand. Sid has no option now. He puts those bangles on Jhumki’s hand. Everyone is happy. Sid says in his mind, I miss you so much.. please forgive me.. I have to repeat our moments for someone else.

Jhumki is upset in her room. She recalls Mataji saying, those bangles mean love and trust between husband and wife. She then recalls Veeru saying, he needs Simar’s dead body in return of Bantu. She is about to throw bangles and Simar comes there. Jhumki returns bangles to her as they are their traditional bangles, but Simar tells her to keep, at least until her truth is not revealed.
Veeru watches video again and again and tries to figure how Simar got saved when Jhumki did everything properly. Khushi comes and says, nothing will happen by watching video again and again. Think what to do next. Khushi then notices Jhumki going somewhere in middle. Veeru says, I told her to keep the floor wet, so she went to arrange that. Khushi says, but how come it took so much time. Veeru calls Jhumki. Jhumki comes outside and asks him to let her talk to Bantu. Veeru asks, how did Simar get saved? Jhumki says, how would I know? I did everything the way you said.. it’s not my fault if electricity went off during that time. Veeru asks, it went off or you did it purposely? Now I will have to punish Bantu for your betrayal. Jhumki says, I didn’t do anything. Veeru says, you disappeared from there for 2 minutes. He takes out his belt and makes noise to scare Jhumki. He tells her, next time with this noise, your brother will scream as well. Bantu gets scared and tells Jhumki to take him away from there. Jhumki tells Veeru not to do anything like that. Simar comes and asks what happened.

Call is still on. Seeing Jhumki scared, Simar asks her why are you not saying anything? Jhumki says, because of this marriage, I am very scared. How will family react when they find out the truth after wedding? Veeru is relieved. Simar says in her mind, Jhumki and get scared? It’s not possible. She tells Jhumki, you go to room, I will get water for you.

Jhumki comes to her room and tells Veeru not to do anything to Bantu. She says, I will listen to everything you say. Veeru says, you had 72 hours.. you wasted 24 hours. Now you have 48 hours. I will give you another chance to save your brother. I will tell you how and where to kill Simar. He hangs up. Screen freezes on Jhumki’s tensed face.

Precap: Simar comes to call Jhumki for mehendi function. Jhumki is inside somewhere. She tells her, I will be there shortly. Simar is leaving and Jhumki’s phone rings. She picks it up and it’s Veeru who is making Bantu talk. Bantu says, please save me Jhumki did. These people are very bad, they will kill me. Simar asks, who are they and where he is. Veeru is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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