Sasural Simar Ka 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roshni says yes and takes the flower from Piyush. He hugs her. Piyush says now I am sure Vadahi will like this too. Roshni is bewildered. Piyush says where are you lost? Would she say yes. Roshni says maybe.
Anjali looks at them and recalls Anjali said to Piyush to practice it with Roshni. Piyush says how can I rehearse it with her? Anjali said it would be comfortable to rehearse with Roshni Piyush. You should do that. I would tell her you are practicing so when she enters you start acting. Anjali smiles. Roshni sits there crying. She says I will lose Piyush forever.

Scene 2
Everyone gets ready for the festival. Mataji says we have this festivals to celebrate and forget old things and start anew. Rajhiner says I hope we have start with a new life. Vadahi comes

in and says happy makarsakranti everyone. She gives everyone sweets. Mataji makes her eat. She gives it to everyone. Anjali says in heart Roshni became my partner instead of Vikram. Simar says the sweets are so good. You made it? Vadhi says no tai ji made it. Simar says you made it. It is so good. Saroj says it was our ritual in our house. I know this isn’t my house but I couldn’t stop myself. Simar says you considered this house yours this made us so happy. you made us part of rituals. Tell me the recipe of your sweets. Saroj says my mother in law taught me. Simar says you should teach that Anjali as well. Mataji says simar is right. Simar says Anjali you wanna learn right? Anjali says yes. Tai ji will you teach me? Please. Saroj nods. Anjali says thank you. Mataji says anjali touch feet of your elders. Anjali touches feet of saroj sanjev and tao ji.

Simar says let me prepare of terrace. Prem says I will help you too. Vadhai goes to help them as well.
Amar says to Piyush is proposal ready? piyush says I am so nervous. Amar says don’t go after words, talk your heart. Be confident. Roshni looks at him and says I won’t let you propose her Piyush.

Saroj teaches anjali how to make sweets. She asks Anjali to put flour in the bowl and fry it. Simar is peeking in. Saroj says cook it on low heat. Saroj tells her what to do next. Anjali says you should do it because you know measures. saroj says I am just teaching you because Simar asked me to. I won’t even eat it. Because i don’t trust you. You might blame me for something. I helped you with what I could you do the rest. Make them good. Anjali says sure.
Piyush comes in and says anjali di come lets fly kites. Anjali says I have this work. Piyush says you can work later. Anjali says you go i will come late.

Scene 3
Everyone is flying kites. Piyush is with vadadhi. AMar says you keep dreaming. Roshni sees them together. She is mad. Roshni recalls when he proposed her and said Vadahi would like it. Anjali sees Roshni squishing the kite. Anjali says it is for flying. Roshni says I will throttle this Vadahi. Anjali says if you love him go tell him in front of everyone. Roshni says no everyone is here. What will they think of me. Roshni says you love him. I have a solution. She gives her a drink and says try this. Roshni says what is this? Anjali says magic potion. You drink this you will see Piyush everywhere. Roshni says what if someone gets to know. Anjali says no one would. Chill. Anjali says take piysuh’s name and drink. Roshni drinks the bottle. Anjali says come on dont’ waste time. Anjali says don’t drink too much. Vikram is coming upstairs. Anjali goes to him with sweets. Roshni looks at Piyush and Vadhi together.

Everyone is flying their kites. Anjali gives the sweets to Vikram. Prem holds Simar by shoulder while flying. Piyush looks at Vadahi. Roshni is jealous. Amar says come here Vikram help me with flying. Anjali is flying as well. Amar and Vikram cut Prem’s kite. they laugh. They cut Rajhinder’s as well. Sankalp and Mataji cut Amar as well. Simar says you didn’t win amar? Vikram says oh no. Amar says I was happy when I cut Prem’s kite so I was distracting. Sankalp and mataji’s get cut as well by anjali. Jhanvi’s gets cut by anjali as well. Jhanvi says come on Vadhai. Saroj coughs she goes to drink water. She picks up that bottle from which roshni drank. Anjali sees her. She says oh no.

Precap-Vadahi says are you drunk? Roshni shoves her and says yes I am drunk and because of you. I have never seen someone more shameless and disgusting than you. You took Piyush from me. Simar tries to stop her. Roshni shoves simar and says you stay away from me. Piyush slaps Roshni everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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