Sasural Simar Ka 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says actually we all have a surprise gift for Roshni and Piyush. Jhanvi says what is it? Simar says a honeymoon package. Piyush says I can’t go. There is a lot of work in office. Mataji says its okay. but we have this ritual, any couple who gets married goes to temple. You won’t say no to that? Piyush says sure. Mataji says we will go today.

Tao ji is leaving. Anjali breaks something. Saroj says let me check. She goes there. Anjali takes the letter Tao ji gave saroj and hides it. Saroj says to mohan I asked you to close the window. The cat would have come. Clean it now. Saroj sees the letter envelop and places it in the cupboard without knowing its empty. Anjali says now you will know Tai ji.

Scene 2
Everyone comes to temple. Mataji says

when a couple comes here they are always together and happy. Simar says we all came here after our weddings.
The pooja starts. Mataji tells pandkit ji about them. Mataji says in heart I hope Piyush accepts Roshni in her life. Piyush says in heart please protect Vadahi God. I am suer that was her call. Piyush and roshni ring the bell together.

vadahi comes to temple. The pooja starts. Simar binds Roshni and Piyush’s clothes together. Piyush sees Vadahi’s back. He feels like it her.
Roshni says Piyush.. Mataji says he might have forgotten something. You shouldn’t go. Piyush is looking for vadahi everywhere. He says where are you? He sees her sitting in a car. Vadahi throws out a pamphlet. It is of some resort.
Simar says to Piyush where did you go? He says I went to do donations. SImar says you could do that after pooja. Pandit ji continues the pooja.

Saroj is cleaning the tables. She is giving newspapers to the servant to throw them out. Anjali rinds the phone so sarj is distracted. She says to servant take all of these.

Piyush says is Vadahi in the city? Simar comes in. She sees the pamphlet in Piyush’s hand. Simar says you said you don’t wanna go for honeymoon. At least take roshni out on 14th feb. This resort looks good. Take her there. Piyush says okay I will take her. Simar says are you sure? I knew you won’t say no. Go prepare.

Piyush says I am sure vadahi is in that resort. I will find you vadahi.

Scene 3
Next morning Piyush and Vadahi are leaving. Simar says take care of her and have fun. They leave. Uma says how did he agree? simar says I dont’ understand either. I hope everything goes fine. Pari says anyone gets romantic there is ronavla.

Piyush comes to the resort. Vadhai is there too. Roshni says you have walked your first step towards me. Piyush says in heart I know you are around vadhai. I will fine you.

Precap-Vikram says tia ji tao ji gave you papers. She gives him envelop and says its important. Vikram says where did they go? They are very important. Anjali says lets look for them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    Anjali will never loose her negative role.

  2. plzzzzzzzzzz bring vaidehi back in piyush life but not as a villain . plzzzzzzzzz and kick that moti idiot roshni out plzzzzzzzzz.

  3. Roshni looks perfect to Piyush than that Dublin patli vaidehi

  4. Anjali looks great but y she again enters in negative role

  5. Simar senseless

    Simar and family are hell bent to keep this Blackmailed and forced marriage of piyush..
    Simar called vaidehi daughter and now she just don’t care if vaidehi exists..
    Roshni is perfect psycho..
    I won’t blame anjali..
    She changed, but saroj doesn’t let her change..

  6. roshni is just like her mother …..selfish. and simar again want to become great before kapoor’s family and others. she doesn’t care about vaidehi which life destroyed by her son in law vikram and her son piyush. use to yaad v nai h ki koi vaidehi v thi jise WO kuch din pehle tk apni beti bolti thi.

  7. I hate simar. And this serial…. simar is so selfish……

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