Sasural Simar Ka 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
uma says where did the body go? Sid says how can this happen? pari says I know where the body is. And who took it from here.
Devika comes and sees simar. She tries to wake her up. Devika says siamr please open eyes. she touches her. She sees her hands and feet blue. DEvika says please open your eyes. I wont let anything happen to you. Roli gave me your responsibilty. How will I answer her now. The poison is all in her body. i have to save her. What should I do? Devika takes out a plant and makes simar eat it. She rubs it on Simar’s feet. She says please help me God.

Amar sees simar’s hands darkening. He says what should I do? Suddenly the hand gets normal and so do the feet. He says I think devika did something. Everyone comes in amar’s house. They

see the body there. Everyone is dazed.
Simar gets up. Devika says simar didi. She hugs simar. Devika says this is the sign of our triumph. This is all because of you. Simar says its about time the real patali devi should sit on her throne and let me go back to my home. Devika says before you leave, I want you to do my coronation.

pari says why are you staring at jhanvi? i saw you leaving the house with body but i didn’t stop you. Because I wanted to see what you wanted to do. What would you do with a dead body?Mata ji says what is all this amar? We can’t understand. why you did all this? Jhanvi says in heart what should I do? Mata ji says I want an answer.

Devika sits on her throne. Simar does all the rituals. Another devika comes there. People says who is the real one. That devika is injured. She says Simar didi i am the real devika. She is fake. Simar is dazed. Simar says I will find out who real devika is. you both have to give a test. Get ready. Both say we are ready.
Mata ji asks amar why you took simar’s body. Roli says jhanvi say something. Jhanvi says actually, a dark shadow comes and says i will seek revenge for my patali devi.
Amar says please don’t worry. I wanted to see if simar is dead or not.. So I took.. prem slaps him. he says are you out of your mind? Is this a joke to you? First because of devika and now you.. amar says listen to me. Prem says there is no room for you in this house. Jhanvi says no please. Prem says you stay quite. Prem throws him out. Jhanvi says no please. Patali wanted us to fight. Don’t do this. Prem says I don’t know what you are saying. Prem throws amar out of the house. Mata ji says why is he doing this.
Amar says what did I say? mata ji says pandit ji please start the pooja. They all sit for the pooja.

Simar says both of you have to pick up the trishun. Real devika can only pick this. Devika on throne comes and picks up the trishun. She touches it with her forehead. Simar says to injured devika come your turn now. She picks the trishun and is repelled by it. She turns into gaitri.

Precap-Prem says today simar is not in my life and you will always be around. I hope you stay happy. Simar says evil like you should die. She stabs Gaitri with trishun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Same precap this show is on Sunday also from this week and thapki pyaar ki also

  2. now on wards ssk is 7days onday to satday 7:30 to 8pm no block buster episode on sunday tpk 7pm
    and another drama going to start mataji is to be behave wierdly and she is to be possed and ghost entry again in ssk … and no rosid track this time and again ghost track with simar and mataji they are showing..
    are ssk cvs going mad its almost 1year completed only natural elements they are showing please show some good track…. are you people not intreseted to show good tracks only showing natural elemts.. now its boring please change the tracks….. you people are not showing other than supernatural and telling that an actors she is not giving you dates and gave her time for only her films… and you want to start romantic track but she is not giving dates to serial so you people want to replacing her if you want show she also gives her time you are not intrested and saying fault is actress same fault is with you cvs also.. and rs mam and ssk cvs please stop this super natural tracks and show some good tracks which the viewers want to see…
    and where is sujatha? i think almost from 1 month you did not show her till now? where is she? you show jahnvi husband anurag in 2 episodes where he went agin? kitne din say jahnavi in her myka what happend with her husband? show that… show rosid baby almost all rosidians want to see this… all premar fans also wants some nice moments between premar.. please show that and give all characters importance not only simar.. if you show only her then why you need other cast? where is rosim sisterly bond.. always they together solve problemsand now no sisterly bond you are showing? always amar helping her then why roli? please want old rosim back… please cvs stop supernatural track its really high time for us.. please spare us.

  3. This serial is totally boring. Hai guys watch ishq ka rang safed , very nice serial.

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