Sasural Simar Ka 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
shurti recalls mata ji and simar’s conversation. she hears sid say you promised me you wont ever leave you sid. Where have you gone? He is talking to the photo. he says i looked for you everywhere. you know i cant live without you, where are you? please come back. sid is incomplete with you and without sid, shurti says roli is incomplete. He says i miss you. sid says i know you are okay because my heartbeat would have stopped if somethhing happened to you. shurti swipes her tears and says why are tears in my eyes? sid says i know you are alive and near me. come back to your sid. shurti steps in the room and hugs him from the back, sid smiles and says roli. he tuns back and caresses her face. suddenly he realizes its shurti not roli.

jatin says to sushma, we should

run i think we don’t have any other option. they hear shurti saying please leave. Sid is dragging shurti down. she says please leave me. i wont go out. Everyone come and says sid what are you doing? simar says sid stop please, sid says no one will say anything. he shoves her out and says don’t dare to come back. he says to sushma and jatin don;t come back here, mata ji says what has happened. sid says she has crossed every limits, i am alreayd worried for roli and simar is quite, this girl comes and hugs me. she said i am roli, i am back. shurti comes in and says i don’t want to take anyone’s place, when i see you in trouble tears start roling down my eyes. i see you face when i try to recall anything. i dont know if i am roli or not all i know is that i have some relationship with you, sid says shut up. no one can ever take place of my roli. shurti say i am not doing that. i dont even know who i am. simar made me realize that i am roli bharadwaj. everyone is dazed. she says simar showed me albums, she told me the one living here as roli is not roli. she is a masqurader. she gave me some powder that doesn’t let me recall anything. rshurti goes out simar says roli stop.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

inspector come and says we need to find roli and end this drama. Sid says a lot of problem will be exposed tonight. shutri is running two cops are running after her. shurti goes towards jungle. she cries and says who am i. she hears some mantra.

prem says what is all this simar? why you called shurti roli? we know that her face looks like roli’s old face. you accepted roli with new face then why you did this? please answer me. rajhinder says i know you wont do anything that is not in favor of our family. please tell us what happened. sujata says i beg you please tell the truth. mata ji says no one will ask her anything. she is silent because of me, i asked her not to say anything. the girl sid brought from hospital is not our roli. they are not roli’s parents. shurti is our roli. this game is planned by the woman living as roli in our house.

Shurti goes to temple and says please help and show me the right path God. tell me who i am. please give me my identity back. please tell me what my past it please tell me how am i related to that house, a flower falls on her head. pandit ji starts doing pooja. roli says me here? didi? Sid? She says thank you God. she recalls everything. she says roli will be back to his sid, i will rectify it all. i have to go to my sid.

Precap-roli and fake roli are in front of each other. roli says with your power you can’t sid from me, fake roli says sid is the reason on my life. no one can take him from me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I red that fake roli is going to hypontise simar and make her to fall from terrace

  2. what the hell is going on in the serial boring day by day

  3. in vikranth track good people become bad in this track good people become going
    to died they always praying the god but god always help bad people by killing them if watch this serial like this definetely no one have hope with god what a

  4. wow my roli is back got her memory our roli and her didi will sort out all problem.and sid plz believe simar atleast if nt ur roli.

  5. How many more good ppl are to be killed by fake roli…. pls don’t drag another episode showing roli n fake roli playing tug of war for sid. Alas
    Roli got her memory but sid plss stop being so stupid and be sensible enough to distinguish btw your wife and that monstress…


  7. Ya its very boring . Always these people are living with problem . They haven’t show at least a day with peace in simar life.

  8. wowwwww
    dis iz d wrst serial wich m waching in mah life
    ichaadhari nagin will end on 6th april
    i think directer is olways drinking

    wht a stupiddd story

  9. Plz put this serial at 2 pm plzzzzzz

  10. how badly fake roli killed vashnavi….

  11. I know that fake roli is a bad person but what’s her name in the drama

    1. Fake roli is ichadari nagin.

  12. yaa she may be icchadhari nagin came in bharadwaj house to take revenge ……..when vikrant thrown snake on Simar the snake was killed by prem for reason she may came to take revenge …………….

  13. Why r u dragging this story..too boring

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