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Sasural Simar Ka 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj says sure I will help you. Vikram will really love it. He loves potaotes. Anjali says sure lets make them. Saroj says tie your hair. If Vikram sees hair in food he gets really mad. Anjali says okay. She ties her hair and starts cooking. When saroj isn’t looking anjali cut her hair and mixes it in the dinner. She says I will dine out today.
Saroj says anjali made food today. Vikram gives her water. He says it looks so good. Vikram holds her hand beneath the table. Saroj whispers no one can see beneath the table. Vikram tastes first. He sees hair in the food. Vikram coughs and says thereis hair in it. Saroj says hair.. Anjali says sorry but I can’t be mine. Tai ji you asked me to tie my hair. Saroj says why are you looking at me. I have been cooking for ages.

It never happened. Anjali says I am new obviously blame would be on me. Saroj says no one said that. Anjali says I am sorry because of you my food ruined. sorry vikram. She goes to her room. Tao ji says why you had to over react vikram? She made food for you. Agarwal says go talk to her and take her out she will love it.
Vikram knocks the door and says anjali open the door. she puts glacerine in her eyes. He says why are you crying? Sit here. Drink water. Don’t be so mad. Sory. He says I will never say something like that again. Someone wanted to dine out today. Lets go? Anajli says I won’t go anywhere with you. Vikram says you change and lets go. If you don’t I will pick you up and take you. He hugs her. He says I love you. Anjali says I love you too.

Scene 2
vadahi and Piyush are working together. He accidently puts his hand on hers. Vikram’s phone rings. He says roshni.. Vadhai says pick up she called before as well. He says no lets work first. Vadahi says I will bring paper and pen till then you talk.
Roshni calls again. He picks. Roshni says I had been working with vadhai. Papa gave us some work. He says vadhai is super talented. Roshni says you used to pick and drop her now you see her talents. He says why are you talking like that? Roshni hangs up. Vadahi comes in she asks did she get? Piyush says he gets possessive about me. Vadhai says you are lucky to have a friend like her. Piyush says you are lucky as well you have a friend like me. We are friends right?
Rita comes to Roshni’s room and I see it all clearly. Piyush is making fun of your emotions. Can’t you see it?

Simar sees a bad dream about anjali. Simr wakes up and says I saw such a bad dream about anjali. Prem says what happened? She is fine. She is in her home. Prem says Simar it was a dream. Simar says no.. i feel so worried. Prem says vikram is with her and he loves her. Prem caresses her face and says sleep. Simar says can you sleep at your place now? Prem brings his quilt and pillow to bed. He sleeps with simar. They hold hands. Prem says we have to reduce these distances.

Next morning, prem gets up. Simar helps him with choosing his shirt. Mataji comes in room. Prem says where are my shoes? Simar says in the closet. Mataji giggles. Simar says mataji come in. Mataji says after so long I see this smile on my simar. Mataji says I am so glad. Prem comes and says good morning matjai. Mata ji says orange shirt. He says simar’s choice. Mataji says you look so good. He leaves. Mataji says everything happens for good. Simar you came back here because of anjali and you and prem are together. Simar recalls her dream. Mataji says what happened? Simar says I saw a bad dream about anjali. I get really worried about her. Anjali’s enemy is her own behavior. Mataji says she is really stubborn and immature. but she will learn with time. Simar says I hope so. Simar says I hope she learns her new relations and house.

Vikram and anjali come downstairs. She holds his arm. Vikram says good morning. Agrwal says lets do breakfast. Vikram says tai ji I wanted to talk about something related to anajli. Saroj says if its about yesterday you should talk to her. Vikram says no. vikram says I saw there is some tension between you and anajli. Is it because of what happened at the wedding? Are you mad at anjali because of what happened at the wedding?

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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