Sasural Simar Ka 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says to manager now you will tell me what should I do? He says I was just worried for your health. Prem says my health is not your problem. Get me files for this project. He leaves.
Prem says whom should I took to taking off? These walls? There is a family living here still so lonely. Anjali is in car with her friends. She throws mud on an old man. Her friend says are you drunk? She says old people should stay home. Anjali is driving carelessly. Her friend says cop will arrest us. She says when I tell him my name he will apologize.

Piyush Roshan roshni and Simar are in their new car. Piyush says this is my car and I can’t drive? Simar says first you learn driving carefully? Piyush says I can. Rohan says you can drive when we go back. Piyush says thanks bro.

Piyush says drive fast. Roshan says look there. Anjali is in the car taking selfie while driving. Piyush says is she stupid. Rohan says whole road is blocked because of her. Roshni says horn her. Rohan blares the horn. Anjali’s friend says let them go. Anjali says until I get my perfect selfie I won’t give him a way.
Piyush says you can take over her. Simar says Rohan you decide yourself. Rohan says don’t worry just see. Piyush says yes. Roshni says come on. They overtake Anjali. Piyush shows her a down thumb and says idiot. Anjali says what does he think of himself? He overtook me? Her friend asks her to calm down. Anjali drives fast and tries overtake them. Piyush says its the same girl. Is she mad? Piyush says don’t let her take over. Simar says let her go. Simar says aside your car and let her go. Piyush says its not her dad’s road. Rohan asides his car and Anjali overtakes them. Anjali says losers. Piyush says why you did this bro. Piyush says maa? What happened? Why are you lost? simar says I feel like I know here. Roshni says but must be a mental assylum. Simr says we are getting late for arti.
Anjali says no one can overtake my car. Winning is my habit.
Anjali is really drunk. Her friend says you should go home. Anjali says I am fine.

Simar is doing arti with the kids. Simar sees a baba. Simar says you were looking at me? He says I was seeing this sadness on your face. Everyone is looking for something. Sometimes we fight the world for our family and they leave us alone. Your life story will be written by this child.

Scene 2
Anajli is driving while she is drunk. Anjali hits a fruit stall. the man says you ruined my shop. Anjali says why you placed you stall here? the keeper says now you will say that? Simar and kids come out too. Piyush says let me go check. Rohan says Piyush stay out of it. Simar says let me check. Rohan says lets go home. Anjali says you know who I am? Anjali Bharadwaj. I can buy you and police in seconds. Simar turns back. Anjali is about to fall. Simar holds her. Piyush says she is the same girl who overtook us. Rohan says she is okay she is drunk. The keeper says she has to repay. I am calling police. Simar says I will pay. Rohan pays. Piyush says we don’t even know her. Lets inform police. Simar says she is someone’s daughter. Help me pick her up. Piyush says I won’t touch her. Rohan picks her up.

They come home. Rita says what is this Simar? She is a girl what if something happens? You are a governess here don’t forget. Sumit comes in and says you are wrong. Simar is not a governess. She is choti maa of our kids. Rohan says you are overreacting maa. We just helped her she is from a good family I guess. Rita says like father like son. She leaves. Sumit says simar ji I am simar. SImar says its okay. Piyush comes in and says its her purse and you laid her on my bed? What if she doesn’t get up? Will I sleep on couch? Simar says I will sleep on couch you can sleep in my room. Piyush says like I will let you. I will sleep on the couch. Rohan says but her parents must be looking for her.

Roshni checks her phone it rings. Roshni says she has saved it with Kharoos. Simar picks the call.. Prem says Anju.. Simar can’t hear him. Simar says who is this? I can’t hear you. Prem says I can’t hear you. SImar says she is here. They can’t hear each other. Simr says I am simar. Prem hears it and is dazed.

Precap-Simar looks at Prem’s picture and says my son i like you. Piyush says this man is nothing to me. I will never forgive Prem Bharadwaj. If you cry for him I will think that this photo is more important for you than me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. First of all
    Thank god super natural track is over
    Once I’m fan of ssk becz of my rosid….prem n mausiji
    After super natural track I still tried to watch fr rosid scenes
    After roli died….its over fr me
    Bt felt disgusted becz of dayans nagins makki
    At last CVS realised
    I’m super happy fr two things
    First one no super natural crap
    Second one…no sid n prerna romantic scenes….I don’t know whether sid is there after leap r nt….even if he is there..they don’t concentrate on old man story….they vl go with fresh luv story….so rosidians r safe from torture..( CVS tortured rosidians by butchering his char in every possible way).more over prerna quit show
    Yes from now on I no need to feel bad by thinking abt sid…n abt leap…all r blaming prem…may b he done mistakes….bt its CVS fault to show simar mahanta…they always butchered prem…I just hate simar…and yeah I read some wr telling abt sid moved on his life yes ..he agreed to mrg….after roli death becz of some situations then wat abt prem he decided to marry when all thought simar died…n also he married surbhi infrnt of simar…after as it is sasural simar ka…simar is the central point….so surbhi turned negative….so its all in CVS hand….to butcher all.char of course except great simar….so plz guys don’t compare sid n prem luv…both luvd their wives more than themselves….bt they became pawns in hands of gr8 CVS …anyway…I’m not going to watch ssk …fr me ssk means rosid …BT all d best to new cast….hope this track vl b good without any super natural tortures

  2. When Piyush was 6 yrs, he looked like a boy of 10 yrs. Now after 10 years, that is the 16 year old boy looks to be 25 years old. May be he is really kaal. That’s y he is growing up so fast?

    1. Lol…

  3. s vardhini…ur each n every word is true…miss u rosid…but iam happy for tat prerna quit…

  4. Vardhini well said… Agree wid each n every word Luv u rosid n miss u… ..

  5. Once simar go back to Bhardwaj house,, supernatural season will begin again…. If simar lives in Bhardwaj house then danger will enter to the house with her?

  6. Omg haven’t watched this yet lol Anjali is so spoilt-“U know who ur talking to? Anjali Bharadwaj!” “I wanna get the perfect selfie!” Anjali was much better when she was younger

  7. Where’s Sanju btw?

  8. When simar is back I’m sure she will make everything OK ! Bt the question is when she will back her sasural ???

  9. I just hope this isn’t a repeat of Vikrant and drags on for months and months.

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