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Sasural Simar Ka 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says why are they not recognizing me? and where are roli, sid, prem sanju and simar? Did she harm them? I have to find out. She turns, mohini is standing there. Mohini says so you are alive? If you try to enter bharadwaj house, you will get yourself killed this time. Simar says i am not scared of you, i know you have manipulated my family but i will come back, this is my promise. a woman can be parted from her but not from her in laws. Simar leaves. Sunanda says mohini she challenged us again, we have to figure out what she is upto. Mohini says she is alone.

Sujata thanks all the guests, chachca ji says after simar and mata ji left i thought this family would shatter but this you have kept it intact. Sujata says we will always miss one can take simar’s

place but Mohini has handled this house very well. Mohini comes in and says maa ji i did what was my duty. If roli and simar were here they would have done the same. Pari tells a guest that roli has taken the kids to her mom’s place she will live there for a while. All the guests leave. Mohini turns back and smiles, she claps and says wow you are good actors. You didn’t recognize simar and act so good.

Mohini says i want to eat chicken, everyone is dazed. karuna says this house is non-veg. Mohini says now i rule this house, if you dare not to obey me, you know what can i do? Karuna says no. She looks at amar and says right darling? What happend?Dont you like me this way? Why are you quite? She holds amar’s hand and says lets go. Mohini takes amar to the room, he turns his face opposite. Mohini says why so mad at me? Amar says stay away from me. she says don’t you life my face? Don’t you remember how you fell in love with me at first sight? He says what is it? She says just a small work. Through you, i have to send a message, tell everyone not to hope for simar’s return. This is never going to happen. Even if simar comes here she cant beat me. And if you try to help her you know what can i do. Amr says this is my family. but today this family is in trouble because of me. I never believed simar. Mohini says i feel pity for you. Now go from here i dont want to kill you. That would make me a widow.

Inspector gives simar a files and says it has all the the proofs that prove that simar is dead. Simar looks at the newspaper reporst, he says her family confirmed it themselves. Simar says i am simar bharadwaj why are you not trusting me? I never met an accident. Mohini attacked me. I need your help, i have to save my family. Inspector says i can’t reopen the case without any proof, and your own family is not agreeing that you are simar bharadwaj. Simar says okay dont do anything i will do it myself i will come back here with all the proofs. I will prove you that I am simar. I will save my family from that mohini.

Khushi says we should order somethin from hotel i can’t make this chicken. uma says no she will ask us to make again, uma says she has crossed all the limits. Someone knocks at the window, mohini opens it, they are all shocked to see its simar. khushi sees sunanda coming, they all turn back. Simar says khushi pari bhabhi, khushi says go from here. Simar says why are you not recognizing me. Khushi says go from here, we wont trust you. simar says uma bhabhi please, uma says call cops khushi. Leave from here. Simar says in heart so mohini is forcing them to do this. Simar leaves.

Sunanda claps and says wow such good actors you people are. If you stay like this you are going to be okay, remember what happened to mata ji, roli, sid sanju and anjali for going against mohini. Pari says yes we do. Sunanda says good not make the chicken.
Simar looks at the house and wonders about the missing people. Two ladies enter the house. karuna and sujata welcome them. Karuna asks does she know how to make non-veg food? The other says yes she does. Sujata says dont worry about the money. And make it on the back side. Someone pats on simar’s shoulder. She turns back and is dazed.

Precap-Simar runs in, mohini looks back but couldn’t see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk simar’s new look and avatar post leap revealed:
    ssk will now have a revenge drama where the lead character of simar will be seen in new avatar.
    it is already known that the show will soon go in for 4months leap.
    it will seen the post the leap mataji roli sidanth prem and simar will not be seen for a while.
    mohini and amar will get married and bw family will be informed that simar has died.
    the twist will come up when simar will come back to the bw family but no one will accept her and they will throw her out of the house.
    simar will then enter the house taking on a new avatar and she will be seen as a maid. with the new avatar, simar will start the mission to teach the witch mohini lesson and remove her from bw house.

  2. looks like post leap and according to the latest telychakkar article titled simar’s new avatar , we will not see siddanth,roli,prem, mataji for a while……
    after somedays they will shown.. for a while they didnt show them.. simar finds them…

  3. yeh kya mataji ke ghar me non-veg banane ko kaha tha…. so.. acrdng to tdy episode all family members comes to now about mohini reality.. and they are doing as per mohini and her mother instructions… today episode toh kamal hai.. non-veg banane vo bhi bw parivar me.. mohini captured mataji,prem, rosid, and ek taraf kushi, uma , pari try to help simar with knowledge of mohini’s mother eshara kar rha hai… kal simar comes home as maid…

  4. mohini ke kilaf prem, sidanth, roli, mataji, anjali, sanjana, ko mohini kuch kardiya.. ye sab uska kilaf gaye the… thats why they are not showing in now.. but after a while they will show them… may be after some days.. or after this track.. so mohini did something who is now missing in bw house..

  5. Thank god atlest family members know mohini’s reality or…it would be double work for simar to prove mohini’s reality and get her out…..

    1. Yes! Atleast this one thing already happened!

  6. The actresses really accept any role to come on air pratyuksha who was seen in such a positive role in balika vadhu has come in such a negative role in ssk she doesn’t look nice bcom very moti aunty.

  7. I just hope this revenge mission won’t take months to get ova wit.

  8. Whr is Roli?

  9. pls show rosid soon dnt drag…then rosim struggle together against mohini

  10. according to episode mataji died presid went america for business purpose, and simar jaane ke vaste roli got shock so, roli with sanju anjali went her mother home.. which this is bw clan lied to manager and neighbours.. but actually mohini captured all of them… . prem, mataji, sanju, anjali, roli, siddanth all are with mohini…. and all family members are known about this.. and her reality to… so chill guys… they all will back soon.. hope this revenge drama not take months…

  11. on location videos simar asking about all to amar pari jahnavi they are telling from 4months nothing good happen in house and when amar gets consious he is in bw house telling simar that she did kalajadu and put them hidden.. means mohini did kalajadu on rosid mataji prem sanjali… telling about something kalash so may be they are hidden it that because of mohini kalajadu.. they try to save them…. chil guys they will back soon.. and fingercrossed hope they all back soon .. without main leading people serial is not intresting… rosid mataji and prem ka bina accha nahi rahega serial… they are leads.. nothing will happen to them…

  12. synopsis of the week:
    11 aug: amar asks simar to tail mohini to find out what she is up to and meet him at 12 . simar follows mohini and sees her inserting a nail in pillar of bw house.
    12aug: while search the house, a disguised simar’s nearly covers blown. later, pari and jahnavi give simar the house key and ask her to meet them at 12.30 in bw house.
    13aug: amar pari and jahnavi meet simar in temple area. before amar can tell simar the events that happen transpired 4months ago, mohini enters bw house.
    14aug: mohini threatens to harm the mataji if the family doesn’t co-operate with her. pari inorder to save simar , steps forward and tells mohini that she made a duplicate key to the temple.
    15aug: mohini and sunana are happy when they see amarr woried. amar meets simar and tells her about the day he got married to mohini. later, while looking for prem, amar find him in the midst ritual.

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