Sasural Simar Ka 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says can I tie this rakhi last time? She ties rakhi on simar’s wrist and says see it when you miss me. she sees sid crying and says hey. Are you bugged? He says of course I am.
Sid is crying by roli’s dead body. Simar caresses her face. Roli promise me you wont cry when I die.
Roli asks simar to sing her their childhood song. Simar sings aik hazaro mein. Roli loses her breath.
Its roli’s funeral. Roli’s maa cries and says this is worst punishment for me. Her dad had a heart attack. He had a by pass today and roli has her funeral. Khushi consoles her.
pandir asks sid to do the funeral. He recalls his moments with her. Simar sits down. Simar sees roli. Roli says what is this? You promised me not to cry. This is how you will send me? I have a long journey. Simar says I am not crying, happy? roli’s illusion walks away.
Simar recalls roli’s last moments. Mata ji says pandit ji said roli’s last wish was that simar gives her last funeral. Pandit ji says a woman can’t do this. Mata ji says you better not tell me what woman can’t do. pandit ji says if this happens roli’s soul will never attain peace. Simar’s friend says where is it written that if husband only gives funeral only then woman will have peace. Roli’s maa says I don’t know what is right and wrong. My daughter’s last wish should be fulfilled. Pandit says do whatever you want but we can’t see this happening. Mata ji takes the fire from sid and gives it to simar.

Mata ji says I know simar what you are going through. But you promised roli. Roli’s last wish has to be fulfilled. Simar takes it. Simar comes forward to lit the funeral. Simar pours water on it and says the one who killed roli can’t do her funeral. Everyone is shocked. Mata ji says what are doing? Sid says what are you doing? You want her to do funeral? She is responsible for roli’s death. she is her murderer.

Precap-Sid is leaving. Mata ji says where are you going? He says I can’t live under same roof with roli’s murderer. I am leaving this house. Simar says wait you wont go anywhere. I will.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I half of the update is not here

  2. It’s really bad episode miss u Rosid

  3. I can’t bear to watch this episode as rolia death scene and they should have let simar n aid both do rolis last rights Avika please come back

  4. Ab yehi baki tha… chandramani!!!! Why dont these guys stop this serial… its heights now

  5. Sarayu(honey)

    Naku pichi ekkutundi ee worst serial choosi, nenu ee serial epppudo choodatam manesanu, ippadidhaka updates e chaduvutunnanu kaani inka nenu update chadavadam kuda maanestunnanu. Worst drama. Believing in supernatural things.

  6. Hey..,iam nilu
    i am from kerala…
    this serial was really great serial..i liked this serial too much
    but more than 6 months i was not watching this..
    anyone can pls say me that whatever things happened aftr this very shortly…

  7. What a sad episode. I’m crying u know . I love both sisters, I’m going to miss u Roli.RIP.Saaa….d

  8. I feel very bad plz roli De come back I lop yu so much I wanna see her back in dis show ( director can’t u twest da show pls tell avika to com back)

  9. I feel very bad plz roli De come back I wanna see her back in dis show ( director can’t u twest da show pls tell avika to com back)

  10. Sss Roli I am also crying for you please comeback. Rashmimam please replace someone for avika.

  11. plz cum back roli we miss u rosid

  12. Tears tears only tears came after watching tis episode..cnt bears roli’s death…poor sid…cvs pls dnt put any jodi for sid…he is stay single…forever…or kill sid character also without roli(avika) is not complete rosid miss u roli..miss u rosid…

  13. So emotional episode Miss u rosid

  14. I expect that she will come as illusions

  15. Guys thibk of somet to bring Avika bak if u have her on instagram snpchat Facebook and other sasural pages keep saying Avika come back then she might think and come everyone please do this if u want to see aviman and Rosid

  16. Please cme back roli…with out roli we can’t see

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