Sasural Simar Ka 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar if you can save my wedding till evening or i will give my wedlocket to prem and find the truth. you have to make the decision. She leaves with simar. roli turns back and sees the sahdow. Rajveer says your doubts are clear lets go girjesh its time to go. calendar says let boss and simar come. prem says there is no point of stopping them. Prem says he lost his family at the same spot that is why he came there. Rajhinder says yes let them go. They are leaving, mata ji says stop. She says can you please take off you shades? Rajveer says now you started doubting me? mataji says how you know i am being called mata ji? he says because of your i called you mata ji. He leaves. Simar and amar come and see bahadur leaving in his car. amar says why he came here?

Jhanvi is worried

for roli she says her phone is off as well. Roli comes in. Jhanvi says where were you bhabhi? Roli is quite. She goes to her room ignoring jhanvi. SAttu says rajveer was weird. mata ji says in heart i feel like his face was familiar. Amar and simar come home. amar asks what was rajveer doing here? Calendar says he was here to take girjesh with him. the same guy we met in jungle. He tells him whole story. Caledar says prem let him go, simar says you should have stopped him. we went to his house. prem says you will go anywhere without telling? he had nothing to do with us. simar says roli came there as well. she was so worried ask amar. mata ji says where did you go? simar tells her whole story, prem says how can roli come there when you didn’t tell her address. simar says that is my question. prem says why would she conceal that form us. Let me call her and ask her. roli says no i didn’t go anywhere. she says i haven’t left the house. simr says tell him amar she is lying. She is in some trouble. Prem says stop it. He goes to his room.

Sujata says simar do what you want but take care of yourself. we have lost sid, i don’t wanna lose you and amar. simar says don’t worry at all, roli and simar will come back home. Sujata says are you sure this is all right? simar says i am not doing this to prove myself right i am doing this for roli. i can’t see her in trouble. Calendar says we should leave now. mata ji says i will come with you because i wanna meet that rai bahadur. Everyone is shocked to hear this.

Girjesh sits in rajveer’s feet and says please pardon me boss. Rajveer says i sent you for something else and you did what? Girjesh says i didn’t do it deliberately. Rajveer says death is near you. Girjesh looks at the room and says no please. Rajveer says don’t worry i will give you painless death, easy.

Jhanvi says please make it all better God. Jhanvi asks roli are you okay now? when you were talking to prem i saw you crying. roli says everything is fine now. Jhanvi says isn’t there anything you are hiding? roli says i am worried because of the misunderstanding between me and didi. i should go and talk to them. jhanvi says uma told me they are all going to raj mansion with cops. Roli is shocked.

Precap-in the dark room a man comes and is about to kill girjesh. Roli comes with bahadur and says leaves. Roli is shocked to see that man is sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hey iam first

  2. finally sid is back and in the upcoming episode roli goes to rajveer house and says about simar investigation.then rajveer call her boy aryaan(sid) and says to kill roli.then aryaan try to kill roli.good news maine fb ssk page me dekha.iss me sid kaha tha ki rosid ka reunite jaldi hogi

    1. in which ssk page u saw? wer u saw? bt some sayng maya turns him naag and some sayng he is killer machine aryan. which is crct wer u saw dear?

      1. sasuraal simar ka – colors page me dekha.

  3. Finally ….that happend,the entry of sid.

  4. nice apisode today……

  5. nice episode today……

  6. Heyyyyyyyyy atlast Sid entry…….

  7. Wow sid looks very hot…..rough look is gud for him…so sweet

  8. Pragna in which page u saw rosid face book? Or rolisid

  9. maine rosid ka page me nahi,sasuraal simar ka-colors page me dekha

  10. in that page there is one spoiler ,in that spoiler they said that rosid reunite hogi

  11. guys read all this articals.. and tel me wats ur opinion abut rosid reunion hapn in ssk any chances or der to unite rosid??? tel me plz..
    …roli’s secret about siddanth is revealed..
    why is roli besecretive in sasural simar ka.
    roli and sid come face to face in ssk..
    manish raisinghan aka siddanth bharadwaj not dead in ssk.
    roli and maya’s plan get revelead in ssk…

  12. I saw one vedio in u tube in tat Sid is trying to kill roli there simar comes to save roli but while simar life in danger it is said tat Maya comes to save simar…….so is Maya changed positive????

  13. wat maya saves simar???

  14. what maya saves simar???

    1. ya in one segmnt dey said wen sid try to kill roli simar saves den sid try to kill simar also her life is in danger dat tym maya will come and save simar dats said in ume24 segmnt… maya is comes back/… wheather she changed to +ve or not i dont no.. she turns sid also we dnt know.. we have to wait and see

    2. pragna…same comment yaar.i think u didnt see my comment right

      1. yes priya.i didnt see u r comment.i think we r commented at same time

      2. i think so.and u r so sweet

  15. when roli turns back she saw shadow in window.. whose shadow it is//?? is it maya? or any others shadow? confusing

  16. thankyou priya

  17. wat bt roli studies? dey show only sid last wish videos dats it.. and wer is anjali and sanju.. simar didnt care abt her children.. kabhi simar roli ko hasne dikado.. we wnt some cute scences with rosid premar anjali sanju cute scence happy family scence show dem.. fed up with nagin track plz stop it and show some family happiness and happy scences. for some days… after dat u show any crap.. plz leave da family some days happily…

  18. sarural simar ka ya sasural suspence ka

    puti story kuch na kuch linked o b frm past 1 yr no happy moments in this soap

  19. sarural simar ka ya sasural suspence ka

    poori story kuch na kuch linked o b frm past 1 yr no happy moments in this soap

  20. roli’s truth revelead. earlier roli hits maya with trishul and pushes her frm cliff.. major twist it was planed by maya and roli to show everyone dat nagin maya dead.. bur wen rosim bring sid dead body to home.. maya hypnotizes simar and den kidnaped sid’s body .. roli helps maya in a hope dat she vl make sidanth alive.. but poor roli doesn’t no dat maya is using her as she wants dat sid turns in to naag… what vl hapn next.. how vl simar and bw family vl react to dis??

  21. on location video i saw simar returned mangalstutra to prem….. y cvs ruin premar life also… plz brng premar rosid unite and happy family..

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