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Sarojini 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara calling Dushyanth and asking if their plan succeeded. He yells at her and says their plan failed. Sarojini tricked Soumendra and married him. Soumendra is shot because of her. Nirjhara asks when he was there who can touch his son. He shouts that whoever shot him, reason is Sarojini. He sees Sarojini praying and disconnects call.

Nirjhara panics and gets epilepsy attack. Daadi asks Bhaskar to bring wooden stick to give it into her mouth. They stuff stick into Nirjhara’s mouth and she wakes up after biting it. Daadi starts cursing Sarojini that because of her, Soumendra’s life is at risk and even Nirjhara fell ill.

Dadaji asks doc how is soumendra now. Doc says he is fine but very weak due to heavy bleeding. Soumendra wakes up, does

not see Sarojini aroun him and walks out limping. Nurse tries to stop him and says he is very weak, but soumendra continues. Promod holds her. Sarojini comes back. Dadaji asks where was she. She says shew was praying. Soumendra asks if she went to pray for him. She stands silently.

Bajrangi tells Dusyanth that he tried hard to take back Soumendra, but he did not and is trapped by Sarojini. Now only way to take him back is act as accepting Sarojini and asks her to make Soumendra agree to go back to Pratapgarh.

Nurse asks Sarojini not to go away, else Soumendra will get out of bed again. Soumendra says when his beautiful is not seen, how can he stay on bed. Sarojini asks him to rest now. Daadaji gives him phone and says amma wants to talk. Nirjhara asks him how is he and asks to return back home. He says he will not without Sarojini. She says until sarojini learns their family rituals, she will not accept her as bahu. Dushyanth enters and says Soumendra that he should forget everything and return home with bahu. Nijhara asks him to agree his babuji. Soumendra agrees. Daadji thinks how can Dushyanth change but then thinks Soumendra is his weakness, so he may have softened.

Mama comes to Soumendra’s hospital room. Sarojini hugs him. Dushyanth apologizes him for his mistake and requests to let him take Sarojini with Soumendra to his village. Mama says he heard everything and tells Sarojini that she is very lucky to have a life partner like Soumendra who risked his life for her. Dushyanth says he will asks Bajrangi to arrange ambulance. Mama requests him that he wants Sarojini’s bidayi from his house.

They all reach mama’s house. Maami stops Sarojini and shouts why did she come here after choosing Soumendra over Mayank and says she always wanted to marry Soumendra, but was just acting. She curses that she will not be happy as animals stays in Soumendra’s house instead of human. Sarojini says she did not plan anything and as she taught her, she will try to adjust at her in-laws house. Maami shouts that she will rotten in village and will feel hell. Mama gets angry and slaps her.

Precap: Nirjhara performs Soumendra’s aarti and takes him in, but pushes Sarojini out. Soumendra says Sarojini is his wife and tries to get up, but falls unconscious. Nijhara closes door throwing Sarojini out.

Update Credit to: H Hasane swa

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  1. thank u for the post ….sir

  2. I’m not happy with Nirjhara throwing Sarojini out. Not happy with that entire family. I want to see what will happen to Soumendra when he wakes up. I hope he doesn’t wake up after days.

  3. nonsense what sarojini faults it not she the one who was behind soumendra he was the one who wanted to married her so dont know why they blaming her for everythings soumendra go in first of sarojini when his so called father fire the gun she didnt tell him to do that
    and nirjhara what that man a do to u people it good for u. u desevre it all the punishment n suffering u getting from him u know how that man is n u r throwing sarojini out hope that one wake up soon n see what kind of treatment his wife getting in that house if i were her i stand to all of them n dont take shit from them

  4. You know what I like these two actors they are super but I don’t like some characters like sumendra s father and his whole family and whole scripts look bullshit

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