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Sarojini 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara informing family that Soumendra’s life is at risk and his hand has to be amputated to save him. Whole family gets afraid. Indira asks what to do now. Nirjhara says they cannot risk Soumendra’s life. Sarojini says how can there be no treatment, they have to take Soumendra to Delhi and get him treated. Nirjhara shouts she will not listen to him and will not let her take Soumendra from here. Bhaskar asks why are they arguing instead of worrying about Soumendra and giving him money. Nirjhara asks him to wait and goes in.

Sarojini asks Dadaji to convince Nirjhara. Manisha asks her not to interfere in family issues. Nirjhara brings 2 lakhs and gives it to Bhaskar and he leaves for hospital.

Indira asks Sarojini not to worry. Saraojini says

she is Soumendra’s wife and nobody can stop her. Manisha holds gun on her and says she will not go. Indira asks her to let bhabhi go. Indira says only she will meet her husband. Sarojini says she risked her life and came here from Delhi and will not stop. she leaves while Manisha warns her to stop and shoots.

Dushyanth scolds Bhaskar for informing family and says sarojini will come here running. Bhaskar says Manisha is like her and will not let Sarojini come here. Dushyanth says let us deposit money and leaves.

Manisha shoots and bullet hits ceiling fan. Sarojini sees fan falling on Indira and saves her on time. Fan falls on Manisha and she panics seeing blood. Sarojini runs to help her, but Nirjhara stops her adn says she is a panauti and should not touch Manisha. Dadaji says Manisha dug a hole and herself fell in it. Nirjhara takes Manisha from there Sarojini gets worried. Nirjhara says she did not harm Manisha and instead tried to save her, but Manisha pushed her and fan hit her.

Nirjhara calls Dushyanth and informs that Sarojini dropped fan on Manisha. Dushyanth says if Sangram will not know about it, he will panic. He asks her to sit for pooja while he takes care of Soumendra here.

Sarojini prepares turmeric and onion paste for Manisha. Manisha calls Sangram Singh and tells Sarojini tried to kill her, but she escaped and is having severe pain. Sangram panic and says Sarojini will leave for hospital but will not reach hospital. She asks what he will do. He says he will kill Sarojini. Manisha says she is feeling good hearing it and did not he loves her so much that he can kill anyone. Sarojini brings turmeric and onion paste for her and she starts acting again and asks why did she come here. Saroini says this paste will heal her wound. Manisha says she will not ven drink water from enemy. Sarojini says she can think of enimity later and tries to apply paste, but Manisha holds her hand and says she tried to kill her and if she harms her this time she will shoot her. Sarojini says whatever she likes and applies paste on her wound. Manisha says she must be happy that she can go to hospital now and nobody can stop her. Sarojini says she can go directly without her getting hurt and leaves for hospital. Manisha smirks.

At hospital, doctor performs Soumendra’s operation. Sarojini walks on road after waiting for auto. Sangram’s goon come in jeep and start misbehaving with her. One of them shuts he mouth. She bites his hand, takes stick and beats all 3 goons and runs. They start following her again on jeep. She runs into jungle and hides under bushes. Theu see her and again start running behind her.

Precap: Goons continue to follow Sarojini on jeep and ram it on her and she falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope diz also not abt rape case

  2. This story is stupid right from the start and even ridiculous, we are tired of watching this crap where people are behaving like there is no law or even humanity in them. The writers of this story is Portraying Indians as savages that has no sense of right and wrong. Will pls tell me the moral of this story for God’sake. You cannot keep on writing bullshit and expect viewer who pays to watch it to keep quiet about it. We cannot allow our young ones to see this crap so just correct this or cancel it.

  3. I think the writer/s are having some issues. A happy person.can never write such stories. This story is full of wickedness. Sarojini spends valuable time making paste for Manisha without going tp Somendra. There are many people in the house to attend to Manisha. It could be to highlight Sarojinis goodness. Goodness with stupidity does not appeal to intelligent people.

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