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Manu carries Soumendra’s clothes towards her room. Soumendra asks what is she doing with his clothes. Manu says when they have become one, their room should also be one. Soumendra snatches clothes from her. Other family members enter. Dushyanth asks Indira to prepare tea for him as he is tired of Soumendra and Sarojini’s drama. Nirjhara says she will prepare tea. Dushyanth yells at her that she may mix poison in his tea, calls her nagin, kulakshini, etc., and leaves.

Indira asks Soumendra to let her talk to Sarojini. Dadaji says Indira is right and takes Soumendra from there. Indira with dadaji enters Sarojini’s room and says Soumendra is innocent and whatever is seen may be not true. Dadaji says Soumendra will never betray Sarojini. Sarojini says even she feels

same, though the way Manu portrayed things made her believe Manu. Nirjhara enters and says she knows Soumendra will never betray Sarojini and praises Sarojini protected Indira twice like a sister.

Manu brings tea for Soumendra and says she did not take bath after intimacy as his smell is still coming from her body. He throws tea and asks her to get out. Sarojini brings tea then and he thinks it is Manu and says he told her already he does not need tea. Sarojini asks not from her hand also. He sees her face and says he will never betray her. Sarojini says even she believe it now and apologizes for believing Manu for sometime. She says she will get him out of Manu’s trap.

Sarojini serves breakfast to family in the morning and fills Sapna’s plate while reminiscing Manu’s drama. Sapna scolds her and she apologizes. Manu acts as vomiting. Dushyanth shouts if they made food spicy. Daadi says food is fine. Manu says she is pregnant and asks daadi when she is so experienced, why did not she identify her symptoms. Daadi asks how can she become pregnant so soon. Manu says just like instant food, she became pregnant instantly. Dushyanth gets happy and calls midwife Asha bahu to come and check both his bahus. Sapna and Bhaskar get tensed.

Bhaskar takes Sapna to room and says her lie will kill them. Asha bahu comes to check Sapna. Bhaskar takes her in and bribes her ear rings. Asha asks what is it. Bhaskar says Sapna is not pregnant and she should lie that Sapna is pregnant. Asha takes bribe and asks Sapna to hold her hand like she gave her injection. Bhaskar comes out with Sapna and says Sapna’s pregnancy is going well. Asha goes to Manu’s room next and Manu also gives her money bundle to her and asks her to lie that she is pregnant. Asha comes out and tells Dushyanth that her both bahus are pregnant. Dushyanth feeds sweets to everyone happily.

Sarojini thinks she has to find out truth about pregnancies and asks Sapna to stop lying with family, else she will be in trouble. Sapna taunts her to think of herself, her fake marriage will not stay long. Sarojini says she will be in trouble instead soon when family will know about her fake pregnancy.

Precap: During Manu’s party, Nirjhara slaps her for defaming her son and playing fake pregnancy drama. Sangram singh shouts that pregnancy will become real soon and now Soumendra and Manu will stay in a single room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really Sangram Singh!
    Exactly you and which army are going to force Soumendra to stay in one room with that spoilt, immature, high-school drop-out sl*t-bag whore of a daughter in one room. I’m sure not even is pig would want to stay in one room with her.
    News Flash Kleintjie! First there’s the fertilisation and implantation process that takes place and only after 6 weeks can you determine that you pregnant. My God, what century are you living in.
    GROW THE $%#^ UP!!!! Really the mentality of a thorough-bred village idiot.

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