Sarojini 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini seeing snake behind Komal and punishing him away. Everyone are shocked to see a snake. Gulabo thanks Sarojini for saving her son. Komal falls unconscious. Gulabo says snake bit him and pleads to save her son. Sarojini ties Komal’s leg and applies neem paste on his snake bite. Daadi shouts not to interfere, but Sarojini continues her work. Komaln for wakes up. Gulabo thanks Sarojini again for saving Komal and hopes Komal sees her good side and changes himself.

Soumendra takes Sarojini to kitchen and asks why did she risk her life. She says god will protect if we save someone’s life. and he is also there to protect her. He sys she would have let Komal die as he is trying to harm their family. Sarojini says it is her duty to save someone

in trouble and Komal will also change soon.

Pandit shouts that a miracle happened and says Shivji himself came in snake form and gave them nagmani. Daadi says it is her years of prayers that Shivji gave her nagmani. Komal says he arranged pooja and not oldie, so nagmani is his. They both start fighting. Sarojini interferes and asks them to stop their superstition and continues to give moral gyaan. Samar silently removes diamond from his ring, hides it in his pocket, and says it is his ring’s diamond and not nagmani. Sarojini continues her moral gyaan and everyone clap for her.

Komal tells Soumendra that he made Samarth his business partner and gave Prataphgarh ‘s business to him. He is going for a business meeting with Samar and he should also join them, they will also celebrate with mujra and drinks tonight. Soumendra thinks he has to break Sarojini’s fast, how will he if Komal takes him along. Komal takes him till bike and asks to sit behind. Soumendra says he forgot wallet and runs in. Sarojini in kitchen asks Nirjhara how will she break fast if Soumendra is not here. Soumendra comes to kitchen running and asks her to hurry up. Nirjhara asks them to break fast soon and walks out. Soumendra feeds Sarojini hurriedly and then hugs her. Gulabo sees them hugging and realizes that he is not her son Munna. Soumendra and Sarojini get tensed seeing Gulabo. Komal comes back and asks Soumendra to hurry up. Gulabo with teary asks him Munna and asks him to bring kaju biscuits while returning home. Soumendra hugs her and says he cannot return her son, but will try to be her son. Komal comes back and asks to hurry up. Soumendra leaves with him. Gulabo tells Sarojini her son does not listen to her and who listens to her is not her son.

Precap: Sarojini sees rat poison bottle in kitchen. Bhaskar mixes rat poison in Soumendra and Bhaskar’s milk and watches hiding. Sarojini runs towards Komal and Soumendra and is shocked to see Soumendra already drinking milk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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